All of my love lyrics

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The song might seem like a cheesy ode to romantic love, but it has a far deeper meaning for singer Robert Plant. He wrote it as a tribute to his son, who died at age five of complications from a stomach infection. In the summer ofLed Zeppelin was at their peak success, arriving in New Orleans for a packed show.

Before they hit the stage, Plant received a call from his wife saying their son Karac had become extremely ill. Two hours later, he received another call announcing his son had died. He and guitarist Jimmy caught the soonest flight back to their hometown in England and cancelled the rest of their tour. The verses are ethereal and surrealist, like most Led Zeppelin songs, combining literary allegory with obscure metaphors:.

Yours is the cloth, mine is the hand that sews time his is the force that lies within Ours All of my love lyrics the fire, all the warmth we can find He is a feather in the wind.

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Read the lyrics hereor listen to the full song below:. This song, both melody and lyrics, is an eerie reflection of love, life, and the mystery itself; if indeed a tribute to lost child from a bereaved father, it is all this even more so. LZ, profoundly introspective — pure genius. Report this comment.

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Music is so complex to even include mystery. We are happy to hear your thoughts on how you were musically moved. All of my Love captures the essence of Man Crying for his precious one that has gone on, The first time I heard it, All of My Love I knew something was special about the song, every note, every harmony has a serious intent, I listen to the song the first time it drew tears from my eyes because All of my love lyrics song has deep meaning, The first time I heard it.

Check this, I did not know Robert Anthony Plant and his wife lost there son, but if you listen carefully the Artist is pouring there hearts out about life, and life uneven ways. Thank you for letting me share. Credit: Warner Brothers. Bookmark the permalink.

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Adrian Ciugudean says:. October 14, at am. Suzette Sherman Founder, SevenPonds says:. October 31, at am. Hi Adrian, Music is so complex to even include mystery. Suzette Report this comment. Anthony E Dozier says:. December 14, at am. Richard Johnson says:.

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March 28, at am. Great song. Love everything about it.

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March 29, at pm. Thanks Richard. Same here!! New studies reveal that if you don't get enough sleep now, you are at a higher risk for dementia later. A touching, optimistic view of being there at the end for a loved one. A poet considers how the best parts of her father might live on through her being. Avatars by Sterling Adventures.

All of my love lyrics

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