Allure massage toronto review

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Log in Register. What's new. New posts. Who to see allure. Thread starter Tarka Start date Dec 18, Allure massage toronto review Hot, petite and super-spunky Lisa is available on Wednesday This compact Viet girl the queen of the scene Warden Unit Near Highway Punjabi Ladies on duty! Appointment Only Whatsapp Message for menu Brampton.

Oriental beauties is here in Ocean Motion Spa. W, Vaughan. Delicious and sweet with big booty Japanese girls Prostate spanking massage all avail do not miss out Free parking Call us now Today we have Lucy and Apple Hope see you soon.

Today we have three girls on Tuesday: Mika - Japanese beauty who is wild and a fan favorite with exceptional service Candy - a sweet treat who enjoys her cream filled lollipop treats Coco - Spunky fun in a nice package Call: Open minded Chloe and petite Jennifer today for your destressing needs.

Working all day Tuesday July Allure massage toronto review On the east side of Yonge St. Tracy, Rebecca and Cindy are available today Warden Unit Tuesday: Lina and Lulu One plus One spa They will have two sexy girls, sexy and sweet GFE girl Jenny with huge nipples and sexy and fun girl Lisa on duty. Golden Rose Water Tarka Member. Hi, New to forum. Wanted to know who gives a good session at allure. Recommendation for good looks, personality, massage, bs and he.

GordianKnot Active Member. I'm new to the forum too, but not to the hobby. Almost any girl Allure will tick all your boxes. Having said that, you may consider other spas in the general vicinity if you wish for anything more than a vanilla session at the same price point. GordianKnot said:. LostInnocence Known Reviewer. LostInnocence said:. Sorry, must have been thinking of another place in that plaza. I've never been to Allure. I might be thinking AlphaCare, something with an A, anyway and not Ambassador, which is also there. I haven't been there either.

Runningwithknives Active Member. What exactly are you looking for?

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If I ever end up at Allure, my eye is on Summer. Runningwithknives said:. Summer is boring. Their roster is very unfamiliar to me nowadays as I live in North York so don't visit often. But Giselle is an all star. Trinity and Lily are also quite good. Tarka said:. Have you seen lauren allure?

The girls at Allure usually look incredible. They are usually good conversationalists, and if you like oily slip and slide sessions, they can be fun.

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But the vast majority of them are not that sensual. I have not seen Lauren though she seems like my type, and an exception to the above rules about appearance. But I would have to meet her before saying anything else.

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Allure massage toronto review

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Review: Robin @ Allure