Anniversary videos ideas

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Before you get started on your anniversary slideshow, log into Animoto. Animoto has dozens of professionally deed templates to help you get started.

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A template like Anniversary Celebration is a good starting point if you want an elegant de, or use the Engagement Slideshow template as a springboard for an eye-catching, easy-to-read video. You can take images and video clips from almost anywhere.

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Scan old photosuse photos and video clips from your computer, or grab images and video from social media s, like Facebook or Instagram. Pro Tip: Get friends and family involved in making your video, too. Have loved ones Anniversary videos ideas short messages or share favorite memories for the couple.

You can even create photo bursts to create a rapid series of images or collages to display more than one photo at a time. When you have everything ready, change the text so that it tells the story of the couple celebrating their anniversary.

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Write about how they met, and go over the major couple milestones—kids, pets, their first home. While all of our templates come with a set of colors and fonts, you can change these at any time to suit your taste. Play with the de tools to create the look you want for your video. Adjust the size, color, or font for your text.

Change up the video style to get different transitions. Add a video filter to give all your images a unified look. There are plenty of options to help you craft the video you imagine. Our music library has hundreds of songs from many different genres that you can choose from. For inspiration, take a look at some of our suggestions for songs for anniversary videosor explore the tools in our music library to find the right song for your video.

Take a look at a few of the ways you can show your video. Click on the share icon Anniversary videos ideas any finished video project and then look for the option. If you plan to share on social media, you can connect your s and share directly from Animoto. If you'd prefer not to connect, you can always download your finished video and then Anniversary videos ideas to Facebook, YouTube, and other social media sites. Tag the couple celebrating their anniversary to make sure they, and all their friends, can see it. Share your screen during a Zoom meeting or Google Meet session and play your videos so that everyone on the call can watch it together.

Here are 3 key elements of making a meaningful anniversary video. If you already have an idea in mind and are ready to create your own video, you can click right here to get started on your own anniversary video gift.

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Want to reminisce about your anniversary trip to Hawaii? All Rights Reserved. Animoto For.

Anniversary videos ideas

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Tips for Making the Best Anniversary Video for Your Parents