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Inour economy experienced an economic crisis in which Black women lostjobs —more than twice as many as the jobs gained by Black men. The ravages of the coronavirus have resulted in employment among Black women dropping 11 percentage points —more than any other group.

Note: White refers to non-Hispanic whites, Black refers to Blacks alone. The employment-to-population ratio is the share of the population who are working. These findings illustrate an ugly truth: COVID is laying bare the structural inequities that compound when race and gender intersect —inequities that may be best addressed through recentering economic policy on Black women.

If they are elevated through policy, including everything from paid sick leave to stimulus programs Average black girls directly toward them, the economy at-large will benefit. For example, the Federal Reserve Board decided to expand funding for small businesses in light of the recent crisis.

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As of right now, Black businesses, many of which are owned by women, are most likely to be overrepresented in industries hardest hit by COVID ; anecdotal evidence suggests that Black business owners are also finding difficulties in applying for funding offered by the Federal Reserve Board. Census Bureau, Survey of Business Owners Right now, the economy is not working for Black women.

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On the dimensions of paying for groceries and affording child care, there was a 30 and 10 percentage point gap between Black women and white men, respectively. Black households are households in which the head of household is Black. White households are households in which the head of household is white. Source: U.

The stories punctuating Average black girls among Black women highlight those dying on the front lines as health care workersgrocery store clerksand teachers. Employers should shift their thinking on paid sick and parental leave, subsidized child and elder care, and work flexibility to help Black women, who are disproportionately facing COVIDrelated deaths in their communities. This shift can inevitably help all workers regardless of background.

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When Average black girls policies shift to focus on the outcomes of Black women, everyone benefits. Cook cites as one way to alleviate economic hardship. Imagine if policymakers considered how direct mobile payments via Venmo or Cash App could reach Black mothers who are being asked to meet looming deadlines. Black women would be the aim, but universally, needs would be met. Recently, the organization penned a letter to alliesinclusive of individuals and organizations, constituting a list of demands that aim to achieve equity for Black women. To date, the letter has been endorsed by nearly 2, individuals and organizationsand cross-posted by the Economic Policy Institute as well as the Washington Center for Equitable Growth.

Within the Federal Reserve System, Average black girls racism and sexism have kept Black women out of leadership roles that contribute meaningfully to the health of the U. Specifically, out of economists staffed at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, only one identifies as a Black woman.

Because Black women make up the majority of the Black labor forcethey are the pulse of the U. By ignoring them, economists and policymakers run the risk of propagating lasting economic ramifications. As we grapple with the historic job losses, uneven distribution of relief, and widening racial wage gaps, we must not forget to care for and protect Black women.

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And we must not forget those Black women who died working and serving their communities amidst a global pandemic—women like Rana Zoe Mungina beloved social studies teacher and activist from Brooklyn; Leilani Jordana Maryland supermarket greeter hired under a program for people with disabilities who helped elderly shoppers make their purchases; and Priscilla Carrowa community activist from Queens and a hospital worker who was planning on retiring by the end of this year.

This article was supported by the Economic Hardship Reporting Project. Working Economics Blog. June 25, at am by Anna Gifty Opoku-Agyeman. Figure A. February March April All white workers Average black girls Chart Data Download data The data below can be saved or copied directly into Excel. The data underlying the figure.

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Share on Facebook Tweet this chart. Copy the code below to embed this chart on your website. Figure B. February March April All white workers 3. Figure C. Figure D. Black White Married couple family Tagged Race and Ethnicity Coronavirus.

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Average black girls

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Black Women & the Pay Gap