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Consumers complaining about BlackPeopleMeet most frequently mention credit card, customer service and fake profiles problems. BlackPeopleMeet ranks th among Dating sites. After rumbling through a few profiles, one stuck out with a question Do I work for transit?

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Lol Talking to him was like having a twin sister, we clicked instantly with our personalities, interests in same things, etc. Sometimes you gotta be patient and the right one will find you. I got on to discover that the computer generates messages and sends them to men I have no interest in. Then it tells me it's matched me with guys 1. Not in the age range I selected 2.

Those who don't respect my profile 3. Some who are very rude 4. White guys on the site There continues to be a fraudulent pop up that charges you 5. They don't have a good phone for you to get your money back! It's a rip off. The men on this sight have disabilities. I swear the guys have cognitive issues and are unable to find someone on their own. They try to look normal in the pics but when u meet them they will appear disable. Don't waste your time or money you'll get hit up all day from creeps out of town.

When I Black people meet profiles ed up some creep demanded Black people meet profiles pics. I was cussed out because I didn't want to talk to someone out of state. If u wanna pay to just get harassed then up today. I'm demanding a refund! A waist of time! Fake flirts, always trying to get me to boost my profile.

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Now after I cancelled my automatic renewal, it's all of a sudden Black people meet profiles me I have the wrong password. Right after it automatically hit me for a over priced renew. Now the worst is I've reset my password 3x with an that said password reset successful. But it still won't let me in.

Total rip off. The whole site and purpose of it is a rip off. It is a collection of narcissistic black men incapable of maintaining a meaningful relationship. The ones I talked to were super insecure and only wanted to conversate about themselves. If you are a woman of sustenance: educated, pretty, gainfully employed, well rounded, good natured then you are wasting your time on this site. Wish I could give them zero stars. No good guys on Black people meet profiles site really.

They are ugly as sin too. I found my current boyfriend on this site. But, he lives in a different state. He was a sigh of relief from The collection of cheapskates and to on the site. The site sends out fake flirts and even if you reject a member they still let them come to your. It's a ridiculous website. The same people are in the matches everyday. I have passed on many guys only to have them back in my matches day after day. The few that I managed to talk to offline were ex-cons and not what they portrayed themselves to be. I see a few profiles with the exact same wording as another.

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I also noticed that some of the profiles are fake meaning these are stock photos with fake information. This site is worthless. DO NOT waste your time and money! I ed up. It was okay, didnt get alot of responses. When my membership ran out. I kept in as a member but not a paid customer. Few hours after my paid membership expired. I looked in my inbox with them. It showed I had 99 messages and 35 flirts! They hold back views and send you fake likes and flirts. I learned that most of these dating sites do to get you back as a paid customer.

I am a woman looking for a certain type of man. I see a lot of white men on this site along with men living far away from where I live. This site is becoming filtrated with gay people! Its littered with unattractive men. I met one man out, and he was not looking like his profile. The cat fishing is real! I will not pay for another three months of this again. The same men over and over. Tip for consumers: There is no big selection of men to choose from.

They want more money from you if you try to gain access to more men. This is a money pit! My fault. Client name supposedly Douglas Mcarthur Goodgridge. Originally from Barbados First meeting Black people meet profiles believe I was drugged. He kept asking me if I had a headache?

If I could Black people meet profiles his picture I would.

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He should be criminally charged. No one to talk to on the phone all communications by s only. They do not give refunds if you are unhappy with their service and charges your credit card for renewal when you request no renewal. There is no way to completely remove your card information from there website. Have to didpute with my bank. Would not recommend to anyone.

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Tip for consumers: Expect a lot of s and no real person to talk with concerning your issues and questions. I don't recommend this site at all. Some of the men are married, scammers and perverts. Waste of money. Same faces from a decade ago. They don't have a feature where you can completely turn off your profile if you leave to stop getting messages.

People still think you're a member! What if you get married? Someone will see your let profile, thinking you're out there looking, and let your spouse know. Also I ed 10 years ago, and came back, and I'm seeing the same faces, Black people meet profiles the same photos, meaning these people aren't even there anymore. I had messages.

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Of which, of them are just likes and flirts. I think it's a ploy. You see all these messages and you get excited, so you pay for a membership, only to realize that they are nothing more than flirts and picture likes. On the plus side, I didn't have a problem with my credit card at all. If you're a professional woman you are going to be hard-pressed to find a guy. Either he will be looking for sex, but says he's serious; has little money for a courtship because he's unemployed or makes very little; or is just plain obstinate, arrogant, or inconsiderate.

Most men there have told me they're "just visual beings," and Black people meet profiles chemistry is very important, one must not ignore that a decent moral compass is equally important if it's to be a lasting and healthy relationship, otherwise, you deserve what you get if you choose based on artificial measures this goes for both sexes. The site wasn't well-deed either. It's crazy how only one person can type one word, click send; type another few words, click send; and another word or two and click send, but you get a notice that 3 messages are in you inbox it looks like 3 men are trying to contact you, but not until you in do you discover only one person may have sent several messages.

This is very deceptive. And speaking of deceitful tactics, BPM find sneaky ways to beat extra money out of you by placing icons that you can accidentally hit in different spotsI knowit happened to me more Black people meet profiles once. They put these icons in places you can accidentally click on and your credit card gets charged. It's also very difficult to find out how to cancel your membership and actually do it. The site sucks and the guys suck, too! The men are so shallow and many put younger pics on there. I've gotten catfished a few times.

Black people meet profiles

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