Blue and tan french bulldogs

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This is our Marlee, daughter of our Aikido and Scarlet. Since all puppies carry brindle and brindle is a dominant gene all puppies looked brindle. Here is another great example. Here are 2 puppies from one of Ocarinas litters. Our Ocarina is a Blue Sable coc0Bbawat. Sables have a verity of coat types some more pronounced then others. This girl is one of our puppies and is Blue Fawn dd ayay. At the D-Locus she carries 2 blue dilute making her blue.

At the A-Locus she is ayay. At the K-Locus she is kyky allowing the D-Locus to dilute the A-Locus that is being allowed to express itself with out interference. If a dog was aa at the A-Locus and carried Blue and tan french bulldogs you would see zero brindling on their coat.

On the left is an Isabella and Tan made with 2 copies of testable chocolate bb dd atat kyky. On Blue and tan french bulldogs right is a Lilac and Tan made with 2 copies of Cocoa coco dd atat kyky. On the left is a chocolate and tan made out of 2 copies of Cocoa bb Dd ata kyky.

On the right is a chocolate and tan made out of 2 copies of Testable Chocolate coco Dd atat kyky. Since a dog being cream is dominant over brindle no brindle is being expressed. This is our baby boy Naz. He is a Blue Sable carry chocolate, cream, AT and one copy of pied. Since he only carries one copy of cream as you can see he is not all white. This is a clear pointed Chocolate and tan pup from Harmonies first litter. Hes cocoDdatat kyky.

Napoleon is a clear pointed Blue and Tan that carries chocolate and cream. Our Max is a Black and tan Merle that carries chocolate and carries blue. DdCOcoata kyky Mm. This is Wolfie, Ocarinas Father. He was the first Lilac French Bulldog to land in America around He is a Lilac Fawn ddbbayay kyky.

This is Harmonys mother, she is a Lilac trindle ddbbayat kbrky. The only differences that makes her look different then Wolfie is that fact she carries 1 brindle gene in the K-Locus. This give hes that purple hue and noticeable brindling all over. dating site

Belle is called an extreme pieball because when dogs carry 2 copies of pied some time the pied covers a good potion of the dogs coat and in this case it covers everything making her extreme pied. Here you have a short hair French Bulldog that only carries one copy of the Long hair trait do no long hair is expressed.

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Merle is a dominate gene meaning it only needs one copy of that gene at the M-Locus for the merle to be expressed. Blue and Cocoa are recessive they need 2 copies of the gene at each of their Locus Blue and tan french bulldogs be expressed. In the D-Locus blue location she is a double carrier making her blue. In the cocoa location she carries one copy of chocolate and since chocolate is a recessive gene it is not apparent in Ocarinas coat. Azula is a brindle blue and tan also called a blue and tan trindle.

In the blue location she carries 2 copies of the blue dilute gene making her blue. Where her Tan Point markings are suppose to be if you look closely you can see some brindling. Harmony is a cocoa and tan brindle. Again in the Frenchie world she is known as a chocolate and tan trindle.

She carries 2 copies of the cocoa gene making her fur cocoa color.

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Below are 4 puppies from Ocarina and Napoleons litter together and the out come of there DNA. This girl is a Blue fawn quad ddCOco? There is a question mark for the cocoa locus because both Ocarina and Napoleon carry cocoa but since this girl is not a Lilac you cannot tell if she carries cocoa or not.

You can also look at is as she has 2 coin flips with a chance to carry the cocoa gene. If you would like a more detailed and scientific explanation in regard to dog color genetics in general check out Animal Genetics. My recommendation is for you to read this though 3 or 4 times, get familiar with it all. Then come back the next day and really sit down and start pulling it all together. I also suggest sticking to this before you go browsing animal genetic, its quite confusing and gives no explanation how all the traits tie into one another, which I do for you at the very end.

A quick over view. Blue and tan french bulldogs Bulldogs have many colors and color patterns that when mixed together gets you the final color appearance of the dog. Each color and color pattern has its own compartment in the dogs coloring pallet called Locus meaning Locationeach Locus Blue and tan french bulldogs room for 2 gene variants called Alleles.

When these Locus are put together they end up giving you the final coat color of the Dog. The next locations that shares a location with another Allele is the K-locus known as the dominant black Locus and here you have the Ky allowing gene-more on this later and the Kbr brindle gene. When you see a big letter and or a little letter in the places where the Alleles are it is telling you if the dog is a carrier or a non-carrier of that specific color trait and a little letter means the dog IS a carrier of that specific color trait.

Blue, Cocoa, Cream, AT, a, pied are all recessive genes meaning you need 2 copies to occupy a locus for the color to be expressed in a dogs coat. Merle and Brindle are dominate genes meaning you only need one copy of the gene in its specific location of it to be expressed in the dogs coat. Below is a quick explanation for most of the Locus locations that are in the French Bulldogs coloring panel, that when put together gives your dog its final coat appearance. K-Locus, also called the dominant black locus.

If the dog have 1 or 2 copies of the brindle gene the dog will express a brindle coat. This is because when 2 copies are present it allows the A-Locus, the D-locus and B-locus to determine the dogs coat over all pattern. Solid Black, Tri-color, Fawn and sable Locus gene here. Boy is this Locus crowded! A fun fact about the D-Locus is actually just a dilute gene. It dilutes waters down the colors that the dogs are in the K-Locus and A-locus. If a dog is solid black with 2 blue dilutes its becomes a solid blue dog!

If the dog is a Fawn dog with 2 blue dilutes it becomes a Blue Fawn, champagne color. The CO-locus needs 2 copies at the Cocoa gene in each of its Allele for the Cocoa color to be expressed. Cocoa is a testable gene just like all the others. The B-locus needs 2 copies at the testable chocolate gene in each of its Alleles for the testable color to be expressed. On the left is an Isabella fawn bb dd aya kyky. On the right is lilac fawn coco bb aya kyky. Cream French Bulldogs. Tri Color French Bulldogs These are my personal favorite. What gives these dogs tan point markings is the Allele combination at the A-Locus.

A dog only needs to carry one copy of the Merle gene for it to be dominant and expressed on the French Bulldogs coat. It is not like the blue, chocolate, or cream Locus that need 2 copies the dilute for it to be expressed. So if Blue and tan french bulldogs dog is blue and carries one copy of merle the dog will be a blue merle with merle pattern shown all over the French Bulldogs coat blue coat.

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Our Max is a clear pointed Black and Tan Merle. DdBbata kyky Mm. It is a recessive gene so it needs 2 copies for the piebald to be expressed in the dog. Fluffies need 2 copies of the Long hair trait in order for them to have long hair. If a puppy carries only one long hair trait it will be a normal short hair Frenchie. Fluffies long hair traits have different lengths when tested ex. L1, L2, L3, L4. Supposedly an L4L4 Frenchie will have longer hair then a L1L1 Fluffy however in my experience that is just not the Blue and tan french bulldogs.

Lets get into how this all ties into each dog!!!! We call him a quad carrier because he carries 4 color genes; Blue, Cocoa, Tri and Cream. Since cocoa, cream and pie-balled are recessive you need 2 copies of them at there Locus for them to be expressed on his coat. Now how this all applicable when it comes to breeding?

Great questions! Let me get into it already! When being bread every parent will give one gene from each Locus to its offspring remember there are Locations in each Locus.

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French Bulldog Colors Explained