Core values of a relationship

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They fall in love. They need to understand the relationship values that matter most to them, yes, but also what relationship values tend to lead towards the happiest, most content couples. It may sound like a silly exercise, but understanding the core relationship values that Core values of a relationship a couple work — like really, truly work — is a smart move.

Is there simple roadmap for navigating long-term relationships? God, no. But relationship experts know the key values — and what they look like in real-time scenarios. So we asked a variety for their input. Turns out trust, friendship, and faith are key. So are work ethic, the ability to take responsibility, and loyalty.

Good timing when criticizing or side-taking comes in handy, too. You inevitably drive yourself crazy and drive them away. Trust is a bedrock relationship value. As life coach and author expert Nicole LaBeach notes, without trust, neither you or your partner can be comfortable being vulnerable with each other. Establishing trust brings along consistency and reliability and, at best, fosters a sense of safety. You learn their tricks and shortcuts.

A health conscious partner sneaks an odd chocolate bar. But couples can know each other too well. That bumps up against mine. Not all relationship values feel like homework. One can still hold a lot of value if it makes you happy. Contented couples know that and keep playfulness and laughter in the spotlight.

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There are practical, nuts-and-bolts benefits to putting a premium on friendship as well. LaBeach notes that a base of friendship makes for better communication and less stress. You enjoy spending time together. Amber Artis, CEO of Virginia matchmaking service Select Date Societynotes that many of the happiest couples she sees are the ones who share a sense of humor.

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As a relationship value, loyalty involves more than commitment to your partner. It means displaying loyalty to your partner in times of stress, which can be difficult and counterintuitive. In long term relationships, we get uncomfortable when we see our partners have a strong emotion.

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McNeil says those Core values of a relationship put a wedge between couples. But content couples know how to time their criticism. Nobody on earth is receptive to criticism in the heat of road rage, for example. Validation is important in the moment, even if that requires you to remember to mention your side at a different time. But taking responsibility for the things you are responsible for can contain possibly volatile situations. So there you have it. None of these values are shocking and they look differently across each relationship.

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By Adam Bulger.

Core values of a relationship

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