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Home » Ellen Hopkins » Crank - Crank 01, p. Crank - 01, p. Any references to historical events, real people, or real locales are used fictitiously. Deed by Sammy Yuen Jr. The text of this book was set in Trade Gothic Condensed. The monster did touch her life, and the lives of her family. My family. It is hard to watch someone you love fall so deeply under the spell of a substance that turns him or her into a stranger.

Nothing in this story is impossible. Much of it happened to us, or to families like ours. Many of the characters are composites of real people. Crank the book online for free they ring true, they should. He is thriving now, but it took a lot of extra love. If this story speaks to you, I have accomplished what I set out to do. Crank is, indeed, a monster—one that is tough to leave behind once you invite it into your life.

Think twice. Then think again. Who Was She? After, life was great. At least for a little while. Introduction So you want to know all about me. Who I am. What chance meeting of brush and canvas painted the face you see? What made me despise the girl in the mirror enough to transform her, turn her into a stranger, only not. So you want to hear the whole story. Why I swerved off the high road, hard left to nowhere, recklessly indifferent to those coughing my dust, picked up speed no limits, no top end, just a high velocity rush to madness.

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Alone everything changes. Alone, there is only the person inside. Alone, there is no perfect daughter, no gifted high-school junior, no Kristina Georgia Snow. There is only Bree. I wonder when I first noticed her, slipping in and out of my pores, hide-and-seek spider in fieldstone, red-bellied phantom.

I summon Bree when dreams no longer satisfy, when gentle clouds of monotony smother thunder, when Kristina cries. I remember the night I first let her go, opened the smeared glass, one thin pane, cellophane between rules and sin, freed. Bree is no imaginary playmate, no overactive pituitary, no alter ego, moving in. Hers is the face I wear, treading the riptide, fathomless oceans where good girls drown. Besides, even good girls have secrets, ones even their best friends must guess.

Who do they turn Crank the book online for free on lonely moon-shadowed sidewalks? My Mom Will Tell You it started with a court-ordered visit. The judge had a God complex. Was it just last summer? He started an avalanche.

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It swallowed her whole. I still wore pleated skirts, lipgloss. Crooked bangs defined my style. Could I have saved her? My mom often outlines her first marriage, its bitter amen. I was too young, clueless. No calls. No cards. No presents. He was a self-serving bastard.

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My mom, warrior goddess, threw down the gauntlet when he phoned. He played the prodigal trump card. I begged. I was six again, adoring Daddy. What the hell gave him that right? My mom gave a detailed run-down of his varied bad habits. Contrite was not his style. I promised.

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Crossed my heart. Recited the D. How could she love him so much? My mom relented, kissed me good-bye, sad her perfume. Things would never be the same. I think it was the last time she kissed me. But I was on my way to Daddy. Aboard United The flight attendant escorted me to a seat beside a moth-munched toupee. Yellowed dentures clacked cheerfully, suggested I make myself comfy. Three hours is a mighty long time. Published:

Crank the book online for free

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