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Epidemiological terms are top of mind now, due to the pandemic. Here are two that often confuse: incidence and prevalence. In your introductory statistics class, probability took center stage. Odds were for gamblers. But it turns out odds play an important role in statistics, too. The relationship between the two is simple. This week we look at the increasingly important role of data engineers. Worse, if you think you do understand, but that understanding is wrong, you are deprived of the ability to identify the gap in….

This week we discuss data leaks, which can render apparently well-performing machine learning models useless. Tell us about your experience at Statistics. It was excellent. For me it was the first time that I studied through this online process. You have to…. Good psychics have a knack for getting their audience to reveal, unwittingly, information that can be turned around and used in a prediction. Statisticians and data scientists fall prey Data analysis blog a related phenomenon, leakage, when they allow into their models highly predictive features that would….

See you in class! This week we Data analysis blog at a backdoor method to make predictions come true. Our student spotlight is on Staci Taylor, Assistant Prof. Which is better - wealth or ability? As the popularity of data science has grown, so too has advice on how to get jobs in data science. A common form of advice is a list of sample questions you might be asked at your job interview see here and here for examples. The Stooges solve the problem by bringing their own pests ants and mice on sales calls, and surreptitiously releasing them.

Having created the…. But now I do. I really do. She was asked to teach statistics, and ed up with Statistics. In this feature, we sometimes highlight terms that can have different meanings to different parts of the data science community, or in different contexts. Type III error is answering the wrong question, and it is a big factor in the…. Late last year, we offered this puzzle, to which no answer was provided at the time: McKinsey recently came out with a study of how a shift to remote learning has affected math test scores of students in elementary school.

The impact of school closures…. Our course spotlight is Jan 15 - Feb Introduction to Data Literacy It's for you or anyone you know who needs to get more numerate! See you or them in…. This week we offer a puzzle to which I have no answer. McKinsey recently came out with a study of how a shift to remote learning has affected test scores of students in elementary school.

The impact of school closures has been large and negative…. Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue. President in At the time, the voters rejected his pitch for purity, and his opponent, Lyndon Johnson, won a…. In Natural Data analysis blog Processing our course on the subject starts Jan 15entity extraction is the process of labeling chunks of text as entities e.

The recent U. In our Briefing this week, we revisit a topic we looked at a while ago, the epidemiology of gang activity in El Salvador, and look at the impact of Covid. She works to develop and deploy Data analysis blog models, and also to provide statistical de and analysis for dozens of clinical trials and other research projects.

She entered the data science portion of the program provided…. In our Briefing this week, we take a look at unemployment insurance fraud and a statistical tool for catching the crooks. The worldwide Covid recession has led to a dramatic increase in unemployment and, hence, Unemployment Insurance UI claims. The figure below, from the U. Compare the March Covid-related peak on the right to…. In our Briefing this week, we take a look at the role of statistics and analytics in war, from WWII to the present. Our curriculum spotlight is on our Rasch and IRT Mastery - key skills for those involved in deing, developing, and analyzing tests….

The statistician John Tukey is regarded by some as the father, or at least one of the fathers, of data science. Tukey brought to the discipline a whole new perspective: exploring the data to see…. World War 2 gave the statistics profession its big growth spurt. Statistical methods such as correlation, regression, ANOVA, Data analysis blog ificance testing were all worked out ly, but it was the war which brought large s of people to the field Data analysis blog a profession.

This week we take a look at the interesting statistical Data analysis blog of false positives, which naturally arise when you do lots of diagnostic tests or hypothesis tests. Our course spotlight deals with another aspect of multiple statistical studies - how to combine them into a…. In this article, we look at three consequential mistakes in the field of statistics. Two of them are famous, the third required a deep dive into the corporate annual reports of.

Several decades ago, the dominant therapies for lung cancer were radiation, which offered better short-term survival rates, and surgery, which offered better long-term rates. A thought experiment was conducted in which surgeons were randomly ased to one Data analysis blog two groups and asked whether they would choose surgery.

Yes, the two statements say the same thing. What did the two physician groups choose? Type I error in statistical analysis is incorrectly rejecting the null hypothesis - being fooled by random chance into thinking something interesting is happening. The arcane machinery of statistical inference - ificance testing and confidence intervals - was erected to avoid Type I error. Type II error…. The probability in question is the probability that a result as interesting as the real-life result will happen in the null model. This week, our topic is Data Engineering, and we feature a guest blog by Will Goodrum, a data scientist at Elder Research.

A major anticipated component of this transition is to implement new data technology e. Resources are thrown at identifying source systems and pulling information into a…. The Relative Risk Ratio and Odds Ratio are both used to measure the medical effect of a treatment or variable to which people are exposed. The effect could be beneficial from a therapy or harmful from a hazard. Risk is the of those having…. Vaccines for Covid are in the news, and this week we focus on the clinical trial process that validates vaccines as safe and effective.

Our spotlight is on our course Biostatistics Certificate Program. An outlier or anomaly is typically defined as a case that is markedly distant or different from the bulk of the data. Our July Data analysis blog blog on outliers and anomaly detection reported on one unusual case in which the outlier might lie fully within the…. As of this writing, there are about 40 Coronavirus vaccines in the clinical trial process, plus another in preclinical development. You can get started with Sep 11 — Oct….

For nearly 20 years, court systems have used statistical and machine learning algorithms to predict the probability of recidivism, and to guide sentencing…. In a randomized experiment, the endpoint or outcome is a formal measure statistic of the result of the experiment.

In a randomized clinical trial preparatory to regulatory submission, there is often more than one outcome, due to the time and expense involved in conducting a…. In generalized linear models, a link function maps a nonlinear relationship to a linear one so that a linear model can be fit and then mapped to the original form. In earlySira-Kvina Kraftselskap, a large producer of hydroelectric power in Norway, suffered a breakdownof one of its major generators.

Company technicians went through established diagnostics…. In casual statistical analysis, you sometimes hear references to outliers, along with the suggestion that they should be ignored or dropped from the analysis. Quite the contrary: often it is the outliers that convey useful information. They may represent errors in data collection, e. In this mature age of digital marketing, companies have developed finely honed engines of automated and targeted promotion that factor in individual preferences and behavior.

The idea is to add small increments to revenue and profit. The system evolved in a stable era of economic…. You can get started with either of these courses: Aug 7- Sep 4: Survey De and…. As Independence Day inaugurates the official summer political season in the U. On July 4,U. Adams and Jefferson personified Data analysis blog factions in U. For linear models, including linear Data analysis blog logistic regression, these relationships are seen directly in the model coefficients.

For black-box models like neural nets,…. He produced the predictive analytics models used by the campaigns, and helped popularize…. In his book Predictive Analytics, Eric Siegel tells the story of marketing efforts at Telenor, a Norwegian telecom, to reduce churn customers leaving for another carrier. Sophisticated analytics were used to guide the campaigns, but the managers gradually discovered that some campaigns were backfiring: they….

Russia was on its heels, with German armies at the gates of Moscow and preparing an offensive in southern Russia. Alone among the…. Polytomous, applied to variables usually outcome variablesmeans multi-category i. Synonym: multinomial.

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Our spotlight is on: July 3 - Introductory Statistics another session starts July 31 See you in class! Peter Bruce Founder, Author, and Senior…. Shortly afterwards, the business intelligence group at….

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Can you identify this wildflower, photographed in a Massachusetts field? And also identify its ificance in the history of statistics?

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This is the Blue Flag Iris, also called the Veriscolor Iris, and it is one of three Iris species that make up the famous in statistics Iris…. Statistical Thinking 1 Several years ago, an NPR reporter wanted a comment from me for his story about an unusual event: a woman had won a state lottery jackpot for a second time. Winning once was low enough odds, but winning twice? The reporter found….

Joseph Hilbe, a prolific author in the field of statistical modeling, taught a of Statistics. Hilbe Data analysis blog elected as a Fellow of the American Statistical Association; his expertise was in statistical modeling.

He did…. Guest Blog - Grant Fleming, Data Scientist, Elder Research Progress in data science is largely driven by the ever-improving predictive performance of increasingly complex black-box models. However, these predictive gains have come at the expense of losing the ability to interpret the relationships derived between…. Our newest course,…. An economics professor and an engineering professor were walking across campus. Fear of catching Covid dominates the world, so this week we briefly review how humans think about probabilities, in the context of Covid Prior beliefs figure heavily in probability calculations, so our course spotlight is on: July 3 - Introduction to Bayesian Statistics See you….

Bayesian statistics provides probability estimates of the true state of the world. An unremarkable statement, you might think -what else would statistics be for? But classical frequentist statistics, strictly speaking, only provide estimates of the state of a hothouse world, estimates that must be translated…. Students of statistics can probably guess the outcome - the probabilities for all the….

As his company responded to customer needs for more predictive analytics by building greater capacity in this…. As Covid continues to spread, so will research on its behavior. Models that rely mainly on time-series data will expand to cover relevant other predictors covariatesand one such predictor will be gregariousness. How to measure it? In psychology there is the standard personality trait…. A recent development in the modeling of Data analysis blog data has been the use of mobile phone Data analysis blog data, now available from Google, to estimate the degree to which social distancing restrictions have been implemented, and the effect they have had.

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