Employment drug testing faqs

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Official websites use. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. Does this trigger a DOT Evaluation and the return-to-duty process? Question Self-Admission of Alcohol Abuse Off-duty: A driver self admits to a company official they are abusing alcohol off-duty only. Question Occasional Drivers: My company purchased a large truck that is over 26, lbs.

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The vehicle has only been driven a few times by a family friend, who is not an employee and has driven the vehicle as a favor absent any compensation. Does our company need a DOT drug and alcohol testing program to test this occasional driver? Question Employment Change Prior to Completion of Follow-up Testing : Can a driver who tested positive and completed the return-to-duty process change employers before the follow-up testing is completed?

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Are employers subject to the same requirement? Question Random Testing Selection Period: A motor carrier conducts or administers a DOT random test on a driver that was selected in the fourth quarter of the year, but the test was not verified by the medical review officer MRO until the next year. What year does this DOT random test count towards? Is the motor carrier in violation for not testing the driver in the selection period they were selected, since the first quarter selection Employment drug testing faqs from January 1 to March 31?

Also, does this random test count towards the first quarter or second quarter?

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Question Requirements While Not Performing Safety-Sensitive Functions: A CDL driver is selected for a random drug test and the employer directs the driver to be tested when Employment drug testing faqs was off duty not performing a safety-sensitive function. The collection site instructs the driver to submit to a random drug test and a random alcohol test. The driver tests positive for the random alcohol test. Is the driver required to undergo the return-to-duty process before performing safety sensitive duties again as a result of the positive alcohol test?

Question Alternate Drivers and Random Testing: Can an alternate driver be selected for a DOT random test if the driver originally selected is not able to be tested during the selection period?

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Question Multiple Locations and Random Testing: Can an employer make random drug and alcohol testing selections by terminal if the company has multiple locations? What must the driver do to be able to operating any type of commercial motor vehicle? The collector stopped the test and reported to the deated employer representative DER that it was not completed. What happens in this situation? Is this a legitimate notice and is my company required to get training from the company that sent this solicitation?

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Question Process and Payment for Split Specimen Test: If a driver makes a timely request for a split-specimen test within 72 hours after being notified by the Medical Review Officer MRO of a positive DOT drug test, and the driver cannot cover the cost of the split-specimen test, will the split-specimen test proceed without payment? Question Supervisor Training: Do I need to train my CDL driver supervisors to recognize physical, behavioral, speech, and performance indicators of drug use or alcohol misuse?

Employment drug testing faqs

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Employment and Pre-Employment Drug Testing and Screening FAQs