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Jessica Day is the glue that keeps the members of loft 4D together, and like any sitcoms, her character growth throughout New Girl is sprinkled with Ex boyfriend dating new girl romantic relationships. Most of Jess' exes were in for the long run, and fans really got to know them inside and out.

Regardless if they were right for Jess or not, there were some exes that were way more likable than others. It's time to set their romances aside and look at the actual guys that Jess dated - and Ex boyfriend dating new girl much fans actually liked them as characters. Spencer's infidelity is the entire reason that Jess ends up in the loft with the guys.

They had a very long relationship, and he cheats on her while she's away. Viewers don't get to know much about him, but none of it is very redeeming. He's manipulative, selfish, and completely unaware of the damage he causes with his actions. He's not a great guy, and it was actually a blessing for Jess that he messed up. Fans will likely never forget the episode that Jess tried to prove to the guys that she wasn't superficial by dating Matt. He was sweet and funny, but he was pretty unintelligent. In fact, it's also revealed that he's cheating on his girlfriend with Jess.

As Jess points out and fans agreethere's nothing wrong with his body, but his personality kind of sucked. Gavin was actually pretty great to Jess. He's charming, handsome, intelligent, and successful. There's really nothing on the surface to dislike about the funny and alluring Gavin Schmidt. However, fans also know that this is actually Schmidt's dad even if Jess didn't know it at firstand he's a pretty terrible father.

Fans of the show aren't supposed to like him that much, and they don't. Berkley is friends with Jess, and it's revealed they dated for a while. Nick is skeptical that Berkley wants to be with Jess, even though he has a wife and. It turns out he's right, and this kind of paints Berkley as a bit of a weasel. However, Berkley is also pretty chill, and funny, and kind.

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As a person, he's probably okay, but he does try to leave his wife for someone else's girlfriend. Russell is the first on the list that was actually one of Jess' long-term boyfriends. Unfortunately, he's also probably the least likable.

He's smart, successful, handsome, and totally mature, but he's also a bit arrogant and ignorant.

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Besides just not being right for Jess, Russell lives in his own little world. He was never mean or hurtful, but he just wasn't the most likable when it came to the guys that romanced Jess.

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If there wasn't a happy ending for Nick and Jess, fans might have been okay with a Sam and Jess ever after. However, Sam still isn't exactly the easiest character to like. He grows a lot, but he's very quiet, reserved, and mysterious.

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He's not very passionate, and he's certainly not super funny or relatable. He's a total dreamboat that has an incredible job and outlook on life, but he's mostly just great on paper. He doesn't win for being the most likable. It's pretty hard to hate Paul Genzlinger, but it is kind of easy to pity or laugh at this recurring character. He's as innocent as they come and is sweet as pie. Besides being a bit overly sensitive and cheating on his girlfriend, Paul is impossible to dislike. He even makes everyone forgive him with his response to slipping up with his girlfriend with Jess.

Paul is a sweet man that plays instruments and sings songs, and it's pretty hard to deny him some love. Fans will never forgive Ryan for ghosting Jess, but it's time to put the end of their relationship aside. Strictly Ex boyfriend dating new girl a character, anyone would be lucky to date Ryan. He's funny, smart, kind, quirky, and absolutely handsome.

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Ryan is the whole package, and he's even a teacher! There's a sore spot for every fan when it comes to mentioning Ryan Geauxinue, but the truth is, it's just because fans loved him so dearly. If Jess and Robby weren't related, fans would definitely ship this happily ever after. There's absolutely nothing to hate or even remotely dislike about Robby - so much so that it's actually kind of a running joke throughout the series.

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He's probably the sweetest character on the showand is somehow also super smart, talented, and adorable. Robby is too good for anyone, really, and definitely deserves to be one of the most likable exes of Jess. There is certainly an argument for Robby to actually be above Nick, but there are far too many fans that stand behind Nick Miller. He certainly has his flaws and his less-than-redeeming moments, but Nick is Nick. Fans absolutely love his humor, honesty, and individuality, and it would certainly be a crime against the fandom to not put Nick Miller as the most likable of Jess' exes.

Plus, they were always meant to be.

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Ex boyfriend dating new girl

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