Female adults friends god please let me find someone wonderful

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Like Lisa, many of us experience loneliness, some more than others. The truth is that all people, no matter what their age — even the most outgoing, wealthy and popular — experience loneliness at least occasionally. But sporadic feelings along this line are light years away from facing the rejection of peers on a day in, day out basis. Nearly every day she wakes up to a world where it seems no one her age cares. Perhaps you can relate to Lisa. Or you are there. Or at least one or two very special friends you can count on. After all, from the very beginning of time, God has said that it is not good Female adults friends god please let me find someone wonderful man to be alone see Genesis We all need others in our lives.

Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, offers counsel in Proverbs on the subject of friendship. He explains that if we want friends, we must be friendly and reach out to others. But reaching out involves risk. What if they embarrass me in some way? Because we are often afraid of rejection, many of us are unwilling to reach out to others. We take a safer approach and wait for others to befriend us. We must realize it is our responsibility to make friends. So just how do we go about it? As a girl, I was very shy. I desperately wanted friends but did not know how to get them.

My mother told me to reach out to others who were also timid and alone and start talking to them, just as Proverbs says. Reluctantly, I tried it. To my surprise, it worked. I started connecting with others who felt as I did. Because I was willing to take a risk, I went from feeling lonely to having some terrific friends. When Val told her best friend, Marie, that she was interested in a guy named Travis, she made Marie promise not to tell anyone.

All of us have experienced the pain of being stabbed in the back by someone we thought was a friend. Although Val forgave Marie, she also realized something important that day: what she thought was a close friendship had simply been wishful thinking.

When Val faced the facts, she knew Marie only talked to her when none of her other friends were around. It was not real friendship. Val overlooked this treatment in the past. But she decided that from here on out she was going to find a true friend. In addition, she promised herself to be a true friend. Friends since third grade, Jill and Laura do almost everything together.

They play guitar and go shopping together, run on the same cross-country team and go to the same youth group. No doubt, they laughed and had fun together while they learned about God and trained for their mission. If even Jesus considers friendship of great value, how much more do the rest of us need close friends? When it comes to developing friendships, it is Female adults friends god please let me find someone wonderful to look for certain traits. Not just any warm body will do.

Look for these qualities:. Many people feel insecure when a new person comes into a group. To help your old friends feel secure and less threatened by a new friend, reassure them that they are still important to you. Tell them that you still value their friendship. Be careful not to exclude either your new friend or your old friends.

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Assure them all that there is enough love to go around. I feel very left out. But if your friend is a true friend, she will not desert you for another person. People who experience this kind of betrayal feel sorry for themselves and Female adults friends god please let me find someone wonderful to control and manipulate the lost friend to come back, only find that they ultimately lose respect in the eyes of their former friend. This type of groveling separates rather than attracts.

For most, once the relationship reaches this stage, it is beyond repair. The wiser, more difficult choice is to let your friend go and begin developing other friendships that are lasting. Sometimes you may have to go through this cycle two or three times before you find that genuine Female adults friends god please let me find someone wonderful trustworthy friend you are looking for. But if you continue to pursue close friendships, you will find them. It is not uncommon to feel that a friend is drifting away when you enter into a new stage of your life like high school or college. When you go to a new school or get involved in a new activity, you are exposed to many new people as well.

Do not take this drifting away personally. Instead, reach out to your longtime friend — and reach out to new ones as well. Do not back off just because someone seems to be drifting away. Continue to pursue the friendship. However, if after some time goes by, your friend does not respond by reaching back to you, then it is time to concentrate on those other relationships. Remember, it is up to you to have the friendships you desire. Jealousy and envy are always enemies of genuine friendship. It is difficult when one of you connects with a person you are both interested in. If your friend allows that feeling to ruin the relationship by demanding that you stop liking the guy you are interested in or becomes angry and treats you poorly because of it, she is not a true friend.

A real friend would have your best interest at heart. Be careful. Instead, support her, pray for her and seek her best as you always have. Yes, you will likely be disappointed, but if you are a true friend then you will be happy for her anyway. Continue to make your friend a priority by expressing your care and concern. Keep calling. Keep seeing. Keep the relationship alive. Problem 5: My friend is getting into some bad stuff drugs, immoral behavior, wrong crowd, alcohol and has been avoiding me. It is critical that you choose your friends wisely. Our friendships influence who we are and how we act.

That is why it is important to choose committed Christians for our closest friends. We can and should have non-Christians as friends as well, but our most intimate friends should be in love with the Lord Jesus Christ. These friends should also have the same beliefs, convictions and lifestyle that we have.

This way they can understand us and encourage us in the way we should walk.

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It is easy for a non-Christian to pull a Christian friend down. But it is always better to let go of a friendship than to let that friendship pull you away from the Lord. Many times someone who tags along does not have many friends. Because as Christians we are told to love others, we must love everyone — even the tagalongs. We are told to treat all people in a loving and kind way. As you follow the Lord on this, He will honor you for your obedience, making it easier to love someone who is hard to love.

What it does mean is that when you have the opportunity, you are to treat her with kindness. Not only does it help if one of our friends moves away, but a small group of close, intimate friends can be lo of fun. Problem 8: My friend is nice to me when we are alone but mean to me when we are around others. A true friend loves you consistently. If your friend is mean to you when others are around, you need to communicate to her Female adults friends god please let me find someone wonderful her actions are hurtful.

If she listens and makes an effort to stop, then you indeed have a genuine friend. But if she refuses to stop and continues to treat you differently when you are with others, then she is not a true friend. Everyone has a need for close relationships. God created us as social, emotional beings: We thrive in healthy friendships and find great fulfillment there.

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To have these type of friendships, we need to realize it is our responsibility to find and build healthy relationships. To do so, we must reach out to others and treat them the way we would desire to be treated by a friend — looking out for what is in their best interest. Rather than trying to befriend the most popular people we know, we should target those individuals who are probably as lonely as we are. Think about it — when we do this and the person responds, then neither of us is lonely anymore. We need to be willing to slowly share our hearts and allow our friends to do so as well. Everyone is fearful of rejection, but someone has to reach out first.

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We must be willing to take risks, realizing we really have nothing to lose. As we seek genuine friends and live the message of King Solomon — if we want friends we must be friendly — we will discover that this biblical principle really works. Used by permission of Zondervan. All rights reserved.

Female adults friends god please let me find someone wonderful

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