Female dating psychology

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Understanding women is simple and straightforward. And when you do, everything Female dating psychology sense. Not, Men and women, but Masculine and Feminine. Men can masculine or feminine, Women can be masculine or feminine, and they can both be both. I use the terms Men and Women only for convenience sake, but feel free to replace the word Man with Woman and visa versa. If you agree with it, great. Find a way to use it. Find an explanation that works for you. Obviously, all three of these quotes are taken out of context and are missing large sections of supporting information.

If you want to get a full understanding of these concepts, how they relate to meeting and attracting womenand how you can use them to become the Man of your dreams, check out Endgame here.

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On the surface, all women seem different. Some want rich men, some want powerful men, some want Female dating psychology date celebrities. It can seem really confusing, right until you start to dig a little bit under the surface. Think about it. Up until a few minutes ago, you thought you were looking at a whole lot of different issues in your life. So could it be possible that this problem you have with understanding women could have a core issue as well?

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Women want the things they do because of the way they make them feel, just like you do. So how do you think these things, this power, money, or fame, make women feel? He thought for a second. He smiled and nodded his head. Safe, secure, looked after. I get it. That makes sense. He seemed to be getting it.

This is at the core of just Female dating psychology every single one of these desires. Does that make sense? Did you sprinkle a little too much crack on your cereal this morning? Certainty is knowing that everything is going to be okay. Think about it like a roller coaster. He took a minute to process it.

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I did, you did, Sylvester Stallone did, and we all did. This is the key female hormone and is a growth promoting hormone. In a female baby, this development continues all the way through their gestation period and continues to drive their development all the way through their life. At the week eight mark, a huge shift happens. Oestrogen production is reduced dramatically and testosterone floods into the brain. This starts to produce huge changes. These are the areas that drive competitiveness and action. And it shapes the way females and males engage their world, right from birth.

I could see that Steven understood, but his blank stare told me he was about to say something. His mind was working overtime. I much prefer for guys to work things out for themselves so I let him stew for a minute.

But before we go on, I have to mention one thing. Is this going on record? Whatever you say is going in your file—for life. The dominant way that a feminine woman develops her perceptions of the world, and therefore, her sense of certainty, is through communication. But if you actually want to understand women, you need to read it. So go back up to the top and Female dating psychology it. Feminine women operate from a fundamentally different place than Masculine men. It might seem like a small difference but a difference in the basic Female dating psychology most fundamental way you engage life has ificant ramifications for the rest of your life.

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Here are a Female dating psychology examples of things that women do that seem completely foreign and pointless to most guys but make absolute sense to feminine women:. They were characteristics of related to different pathways to certainty more than the mechanisms for certainty. Like any spectrum, there are very few people who sit at either end of this spectrum. Most people sit somewhere inside the borders of the spectrum but most people lean at least a little to one side.

People fluctuate throughout the month, week, day, hour, and even minute. To masculine Men, feminine Women seem indecisive. For a masculine Man, having a decision made and getting a job done allows them to experience more certainty.

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For a feminine Woman, making sure that everyone is on board and likes the decision allows them to experience more certainty. Their certainty is based on what people think about that decision. They care more about everyone being looked Female dating psychology and happy than getting a job done. Asking a feminine Woman to be decisive is the same as asking a masculine Man to have a conversation without reaching any conclusions.

For a masculine Man, reaching a conclusion, whether it be through completing a job or making a decision allows them Female dating psychology experience more certainty. This means that masculine Men like to get on the phone, discuss a topic, reach a conclusion, and get off. For a feminine Woman, connecting and communicating with people allows them Female dating psychology experience more certainty. Asking a feminine Woman to be quick and decisive on the phone is like telling a masculine guy that he needs to stay on the phone for 2 hours, regardless of if he has anything to talk about, for no particular reason.

This could be feeling comfortable, playing sport, or finishing a job. Because this is what allows them to feel more certain. For feminine Women, clothes play a different role. Having the right size heels to go with that long black dress is important. Having the latest brown boots from that important Italian fashion house so that your legs look great in that new black dress is important. Asking a feminine Woman to select her clothes on a purely functional basis is like asking a masculine Man to sacrifice all practical functionality in his outfit, just to make sure other people approve of him.

A powerful, tough, and strong guy who says what he thinks, does what he wants, and is willing to stand up for what he believes in b. The answer is pretty obvious.

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What if he slept with other women and put her down? For a Masculine person, staying with someone who treats you badly is a stupid and pointless decision. A masculine Man who is able to complete tasks and move towards his goals has constant evidence around him that says things are going to be ok.

If he has a job, can earn money, has food and shelter and access to more provisions, and can take the actions he needs to take to move towards his desired destination, then he feels certain. All of a sudden, her certainty is gone again. They need to be constantly reassured because their certainty has no rock-solid base and therefore, they need constant feedback to experience certainty. Once a masculine Man passes through puberty, the hormone fluctuations he experiences on a month to month basis are pretty gradual and pretty inificant.

This is not the case for Women. Can you imagine what that would feel like? To wake up every day without any control Female dating psychology how you felt? If that was your everyday reality, would you want to be constantly reassured? I know I would. For a masculine Man, constant testing is pointless. For a Female dating psychology Woman, constant testing is necessary. Feminine Women test because their sense of certainty is based on communication. If you appear to be strong and confident and communicate to her that everything is going to be ok, she experiences certainty.

If you stay the same confident, strong, directed guy under pressure, then she experiences more certainty. He experiences certainty through his ability to Female dating psychology action and make a difference and he communicates that to women. He waits for polite smiles, social validation, the approval of his mates, and acceptance from people around him to experience certainty.

He is the definition of needy — he needs approval and validation to feel good about himself. Masculine Men base their certainty on their ability to take action and make a difference. Their certainty is based on communication which means that their frustration, disappointment, and depression is based on the communication they receive. Saying to Feminine Woman that she looks ugly in those pants is the same as preventing a Masculine Man from being able to build the shelter he needs to stay warm and dry.

This is why feminine Women are sensitive. For feminine women, it makes perfect sense. Masculine Men base their sense of certainty on their ability to take action and make things happen. Therefore, making the right decision, regardless of who agrees, is the most important thing. Feminine Women base their sense of certainty on how people communicate with them.

Female dating psychology

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