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You can save up to CHF 4' per decade by making the right choice for your Swiss online bank. As I do every year, I look at the solutions available to optimize my bank fees as much as possible. And also, in order to answer the new questions I receive from readers of the blog. Nevertheless, it is becoming more and more important for some of you, so I will add it as an additional criterion in the tables below. An important point to note is that I don't talk about credit cards in this article.

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In fact, you can optimize your costs much more, as well as your cashback earnings, by choosing two different institutions for your Swiss bank and your Swiss credit card. You will find all info about my Swiss credit card setup on this. My goal is not to become the Comparis of personal finance, but to help you get straight to the point in your Free swiss bank account of the best Swiss bank for a Mustachian. As a result, we still have the usual suspects that we have had for a few years now: Zak, neon, Raiffeisen, and also the BCV for the canton of Vaud. They've been announcing it for more than a year now, but it's still not available BUT, there is light at the end of the tunnel, as the product team responded on their Trello board where they announce Zak's product roadmap in early February that it should happen in about months.

Fingers crossed! The eBill is coming soon on Zak. As quickly as possible, but as slowly as necessary :D.

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This can be entirely OK for some people, or annoying for some people who live in villages where some shops only accept this means of payment. As a reminder, Raiffeisen is one of my favorite Swiss frugal banks thanks to their membership program, which, when you it, gives you access to their culturally very interesting MemberPlus loyalty program with more than free museums.

And the same goes for Swiss castles, discounts on train tickets, and other discounts Free swiss bank account events. What's more, Free swiss bank account offer is interesting because the free admission applies to the Raiffeisen customer, but also to three accompanying children. If you are a fan of culture and museums, apart from the few hundred CHF of blocked assets, this offer is worth it because the annual fee of CHF 40 is quickly paid back. Finally, the last Swiss bank to review is the BCV.

I don't go around all the cantonal banks, but I assume that others also have attractive offers like this. We used to take advantage of their offer of "free management fees as soon as you have at least CHF 10' there" instead of paying the CHF 3. And Free swiss bank account Zak and neon arrived on the market at the same time, we closed all our s and they will never see us again. I've also heard other stories that I can't talk about publicly on the blog, but which confirm to me that I won't go back there. And on top of that, I don't like having 10kCHF of blocked money because I sometimes go below that amount.

But in order to be as fair and objective as possible, I include them in our Swiss bank comparison My strategy is to use Zak as my primary Swiss bankand neon is my secondary Swiss bank in case the first one has a bug with its mobile app since they are both mobile and online banks by default. The coupon code " mustachian " gives you CHF 10 of welcome bonus — to be entered during the registration because it is not possible afterwards.

As a reminder, I wrote a detailed tutorial on how to create a Swiss bank at Zak and Neon with screenshots in this blog post. To summarize my best Swiss bank comparison, and to declare which is the best free Swiss bankhere is what it looks like:. Zak will suit you if you want the "security" side of a Swiss bank established for almost years, but with all the functionalities of a mobile bank — or almost, let's hope that eBill comes soon — as well as basic options such as cash deposit at the ATM and a Maestro card.

If you couple this with my Swiss credit card strategy with maximized cashbackthen you will get the most frugal banking system in Switzerland that will allow you to save the famous CHF 4' over the next decade. And also, we don't want to feel "obliged" to go there just to make it profitable. But it remains a very good frugal option Free swiss bank account that's your case. Finally, the BCV offers a frugal solution with its "Direct banking pack", but knowing that I have other options with Zak and neon, I will abstain as long as it is the case given our past experience with them!

What's more, I don't want to have to block CHF 10' at a bank :. I am writing this down transparently so that there is no misunderstanding between us. This kind of partnership is what allows me to finance a part of the costs and especially of my time that I spend writing the blog. Thank you in advance! And as already explained many times, please know that I only share the services and tools that I personally use in real life. I recommend them in the hope that they will be as valuable to you as they are to me.

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Some legal addition: the information on Zak is intended exclusively for persons living in Switzerland. A Zak can only be opened with domicile in Switzerland.

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What would you recommend? Here is my complete brokers' review for Swiss investors. I have Free swiss bank account my choice in this article. If you click on them, you won't notice any difference but the blog will earn a small commission and I sincerely thank you for this. Instead, I favor this Patreon win-win alternative that gives you access to exclusive content:.

Note: if you see a Swiss bank missing in my ranking, don't hesitate to let me know in the comments section below or by — because I'm not Google nor do I know it all :. Note for the couples: neither Zak nor neon offers a t solution with one card per person linked to the same.

How do we deal with it within the MP family?!? In fact, it's quite simple, Mrs. And for all our other expenses, we use our different Swiss credit cards which all offer one card per person, and they're all free :. Review Yuh, the new Swiss neobank Quick answer 2. My comments about Zak after 1 year of experience 4 positive, 4 negative. Instead, I favor this Patreon win-win alternative that gives you access to exclusive content: Comments.

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