Fun scavenger hunt date ideas

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Most of the time when we leave the house together, we end up at the grocery store. Quite romantic. Lately, our favorite date is to put the kids to bed early, pop a big bowl of popcorn, talk and watch a movie. First you think you need a sitter — then you go out to eat — then you perhaps go to a movie or the grocery, which is MORE expensive.

Today is my post — Date Night Scavenger Hunt. Barry and I worked together to create this Scavenger Hunt list. Oh well. First, you need to decide where you want to go. This might revolve around eating plans — it usually does for us because I spend most of Fun scavenger hunt date ideas day thinking about food.

For me, date night is all about the food. Honesty is the best policy. We knew we wanted to go to the city because Chick-Fil-A was calling me. So, just decide where you think it would be best for you to find the items on the list. Next, you need someone to keep your children this only applies to those with children.

Babysitters are an expensive option. I have no issue with hiring a babysitter if you can afford it. You can try making arrangements with your friends for date night switching. You keep their kids, they keep yours. We are very blessed to have family that lives close. So, Mamaw was the ticket for our Saturday lunch date. Bless you, Mamaw Chestalene.

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Plan your date for good weather. Obviously our weather man did NOT get the memo. I always pick the best days for dates. Our date went on! We visited Chick-Fil-A for lunch… this was a freebie for us. Not only did we have coupons, but we got a gift card for Christmas so that took care of our bill. TIP: If you have Fun scavenger hunt date ideas gift card, use that to c date around. And you ARE on a scavenger hunt — so being in the car and looking around is kinda important. We did most of our looking around during our drive and our time at lunch.

Antique stores are GREAT for scavenger hunts — because you can find random old stuff including phone booths for sale. This is a super frugal date night idea. I hope you enjoy it and find the PDF helpful! If you check everything off your list, then consider yourselves winners. Give each other a nice foot rub. Or something else…if you catch my drift. Hey, it IS a date night after all. Stacy is a Homemaking and Business Mom Mentor, the author of two cookbookscreator of multiple e-courses, networking marketing boss, and comedian extraordinaire.

Her first priority is her husband and her children - family first. She presses on each day because her calling is to teach, train, and mentor other ladies to have their dreams. For tips and easy strategies, you can follow her on FacebookYouTubeand Instagram. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. Comment Policy: I love reading your thoughts and input on what you read here. I'm sure we'll disagree sometimes and that's okay!

In those cases, do what's right for you and yours. As with any form of communication, only post comments that move the discussion in a positive direction. Featuring you at Family Fun Friday! So creative! I think my husband would give up and just text me that he was going to stay home, though… lol! Love it, Stacy. We just got a foot of snow and are revising our date night plans.

Being college students and on Fun scavenger hunt date ideas tight budget something like this is perfect. Good tip for the gift cards. Nope it was BAD! We went to this restaurant that said they had grass fed burgers, wow!

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I ordered mine med rare and what was served to me was a char broiled mess on a bun with little else for a hefty chunk a change, we live in NY, ya know. We took the Date Night Challenge from Focus on the Family — go on three dates in 3 weeks and then commit to one date per month. That is a lot of going out in a month, yikes on the budget! I am a home body and really just want to stay home when it is dark and below 20 degrees. So maybe next time we will eat a sandwich in the car and then try your scavenger hunt, thanks again.

The important thing is that we had fun together and both just really wanted to go home. I love this idea and am using it for our next date night, whenever that is! When we do have a chance for a date, which is helped along by a supportive and understanding family member, we like to Fun scavenger hunt date ideas able to relax without concern over the cost, and enjoy it together. I think this, along with a gift card we got at Christmas to a local restaurant, will be fabulous! The hard part is figuring out when we can go!

Hmmmm, March or April? Thank you! Food Family Finances Fundamentals.

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What a fun idea! Maybe Matt and I can manage to get this done before the baby comes. Around here, you never can tell — weather is so fickle. Loading Comments Required Name Required Website. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by. Please enter all required fields Correct invalid entries.

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Fun scavenger hunt date ideas

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