Guys with feelings

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Jaemin and Gabe are childhood BFF's whose lives went in radically different directions. Jaemin dove into spirituality, nomadism, and communal living, while Gabe organized political movements, read nerdy history books, and got married.

Yet they've always been able to meet somewhere in the middle. Guys with Feelings as they discuss the events, ideas, influences, and yes - the feelings - that make them better men. Find all episodes and show notes at guyswithfeelings. Gabe falls in love with his first TV show ever Jaemin and Alan him in discussing why it's the perfect Guys with Feeling show! The guys also talk about the Coronavirus pandemic and how it's affecting them.

And Jaemin touts the importance of morning routines and cold showers! We've been gone for over a year! We've got Guys with feelings few good reasons Jaemin talks about living Guys with feelings Puerto Escondido and giving up achieving Gabe shares what it's like being an expectant father - and how it's already changed his life and marriage. Jaemin just got back from a spiritual retreat in India and opens up for the first time about his 6-year journey exploring non-duality.

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The guys take a look back on a wild year and share the feelings that inspired, moved, and challenged them in Also in this episode: - they divulge their embarrassing Spotify "Year in Review" LIVE - Gabe survives a bike-totalling crash - Jaemin's tips on plugging away at chronic illness - when a friend becomes a Twitter-famous meme - and much more! I think, 'Holy shit, we are so lucky! I highly recommend it" Gabe's 2 Feeling: Focus "Focus for me has been about being a lot more intentional with my attention. It's been bringing a lot to my life. Guys with feelings sit down with Andrew Dunn Co-Founder of Siempo to hear about his journey with gender and the surprising challenges and joys along the way.

I have a long to commute to work every morning and these podcasts are a great way to start to my day! Each episode feels like a genuine and open conversation; a conversation that provides knowledge in a positive and uplifting manner. Guys with feelings doesn't love guys with feelings? I really appreicate hearing the hosts' honest talk on relationships, careers, politics It stirs me to consider new angles and perspectives.

I keep finding myself bringing Guys with feelings podcast up in conversation. Every story is so vividly shared, taking the listener on a journey through their trials and errors, successes and explorations. With each of their experience I've grown and become inspired to go out to the universe and play. And also, listening to guys share with such authenticity has made me really look forward to creating a beautiful partnership one day. I can't wait for more magic to be created!

Apple Podcasts Preview. DEC 22, 33 - The Feels of 33 - The Feels of The guys take a look back on a wild year and share the feelings that inspired, moved, and challenged them in Customer Reviews. Stuff You Should Know. This American Life. Revisionist History. Pushkin Industries.

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WNYC Studios. The Ezra Klein Show. New York Times Opinion. Listeners Also Subscribed To. Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson. Dumb People Town. Starburns Audio. Ari Shaffir's Skeptic Tank. Ari Shaffir. Savage Lovecast. Dan Savage. Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert.

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Elizabeth Gilbert and Maximum Fun. On Being with Krista Tippett. On Being Studios.

Guys with feelings

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Men and Emotions: The Importance of Becoming Vulnerable