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For one in five U. Teen victims of relationship abuse are more likely to report unhealthy diet behaviors, engage in substance abuse, and report having suicidal thoughts. Given these sobering facts, adolescent relationship abuse is a major health concern facing teens today, and health care providers have a unique role to play in preventing it. Not only can they provide valuable prevention messages to help their patients build healthy relationships, but medical professionals are also uniquely positioned to help those exposed to abuse find the resources they need.

And now, healthcare providers have a new tool that will make it easier Hang out hook up ever to integrate screening for relationship abuse and prevention into their practice.

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Futures Without Violence has developed Hanging Out or Hooking Up: Clinical Guidelines on Responding to Adolescent Relationship Abuse — An Integrated Approach to Prevention and Intervention, focusing on the transformative role of the adolescent health care provider in preventing, identifying and addressing adolescent relationship abuse.

These guidelines are applicable to providers working in a range of settings serving adolescents, including adolescent health, pediatrics, family planning clinics, and school-based health centers.

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Download a PDF version of the poster. Toggle. Us Stay Informed.

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Program News. Related Content. Presenters will discuss guidelines for child welfare to support family reunification when a parent is in detention and share how COVID has affected immigrant families who are involved with child welfare. They will highlight the importance of enhanced safety planning to make sure immigrant survivors know their rights and can access help.

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Supporting Survivors at the Intersection of Immigration and Child Welfare This webinar will discuss the current research about detention and the importance of trauma-informed approaches for survivors and their children. Presenters will also talk about how it intersects with those affected by domestic violence, particularly children. There will be a strong focus on concrete harm reduction strategies that providers can use with adult and child survivors of domestic violence.

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