Healing marriage after separation

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Getting married is a lot like starting a career, or entering a university degree program. And the worst catastrophe would be that you stop trying. In my work as a marriage and family minister, I have seen a lot of marital and relationship discord. Having gone through a divorce myself, and now married for over 30 years to my present wife, I can attest to the challenges of marital relationships and what it takes to restore your marriage.

I have utilized these principles and insights in my marriage counseling, and marriage restoration ministry for the past 23 years. My wife and I have taught them in our marriage classes, marriage intensives, retreats and seminars. Through the Healing marriage after separation of these proven, practical ways of restoring a painful relationship, we have seen hundreds of couples resolve their conflicts Healing marriage after separation. These couples heal their past emotional pain, restore their relationships and grow more deeply in love with each other.

The path to restoring your marriage is within grasp. In this article we want to share with you some of the basic and most important guidelines to help you begin your restoration. These practical applications have helped hundreds of couples, these gems can help you to begin taking the steps to understanding what has happened in your relationship.

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You can then begin putting the pieces of perhaps a ly crumbling marriage back together again. In this article we want to share with you some of the most important applications that can lead to your marital recovery. We sill also lead you to the next steps for your continued success.

I am certainly not not presuming that there is adequate space here in this single article article to cause you to learn all that it will take to heal and rebuild.

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But I also believe these key points can help you to turn things around in a positive moving direction. You will see from an overall standpoint what you can do about yourself and your marriage. However, I want you to know that if you will began to put these applications into action, you will begin Healing marriage after separation see some ificant and positive changes. These applications will help you get the ball rolling in the right direction of a marital restoration. We are on a marriage mission.

Sincemy wife and I have been taking these practices and principles across the country and applying them to more than 2, couples. We want to help you get on the path to restoring your marriage too. However, this article is a list of applications, activities and principles that will help you get moving in the right direction. The information will provide you with a strong basis for understanding the steps you need to take to restore your marriage and rebuild your relationship. Have you sought and tried to change things about your spouse that annoy or bother you?

Or to change those things about your spouseā€¦ things that you consider undesirable? Have you been successful? You are not making positive progress even though you want to make the relationship healthier, happier and better. The first step to restoring your marriage is admitting you cannot manage your spouse or marital problems on your own.

Come Healing marriage after separation grips with the reality that you are fundamentally powerless to control or change your spouse. You cannot control his or her character defects and many of the things that happen in your life. You must come to the place where you are willing to admit that the strategies you have tried have not worked. And that every attempt you make to change or control your spouse fails. It means that you recognize that you are not in control but that GOD is.

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You accept He must be the focus of your life. The focus is not you, your spouse, your career, money or children. The focus is GOD. You mush trust Him to work on your mate. Remember that whatever condition your marriage is in, God is in the business of performing miracles, transforming lives, and healing broken hearts.

Indeed God can help you restore your marriage. Because we Healing marriage after separation powerless, we need to call on the power of the Holy Spirit in our marriage. We need power that is beyond us to overcome our sinful tendencies, and to enable us to be the husband and wife that God would have us to be. God provides this power through the person of the Holy Spirit.

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God and the Holy Spirit wants to help you succeed in your marriage. Jesus Christ is available to help every believing Christian and He can help you to restore your marriage. At the moment we receive Jesus Christ as our personal Savior, He comes into our lives permanently. Jesus Christ is God with all the attributes only God can have. Not only is He all-powerful, you and I have the possibility to know Him Healing marriage after separation. If our love and marriage is to be restored, how can you not afford to miss out on the power that Jesus offers us to restore our marriage.

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As Jesus enters our lives, He works in us to produce a living fellowship between God and us. Of course, His work also affects the relationships we have with others around us, particularly Healing marriage after separation spouses and our children. Here are some of the ways that Jesus can strongly impact our relationships. Consider these three steps that can lead your marriage toward a renewed sense of intimacy:.

Begin to pray everyday for your spouse. Believe in God for a miracle in your marriage. We need to expect God to supernaturally intervene in our circumstances. Unbelief and fear paralyzes us and causes us to believe our problems are too big for God. We need to believe that God can still move mountains. Stormie Omartian, in her book, The Power of a Praying Wife suggests praying this prayer for your marriage:. Lift us out of the pit of unforgiveness. Speak through us so that our words reflect Your love, peace, and reconciliation. Tear down this wall Healing marriage after separation us and teach us how to walk through it.

Enable us to rise up from this paralysis and move into the healing and wholeness You have for Healing marriage after separation. The Bible makes it clear that God wants people to stay married. When our vows are tested with sickness, poverty, or tough times and we cry out to God, He hears us. During our darkest moments, the Psalms remind us God understands our situation and will help.

You come to the help of those who gladly do right. My marriage is undeniably better when I pray for my spouse. With this incentive, I realize how important it is to pray for everything. Prayers for complicated requests, such as how to communicate in a way Sue will understand. Prayer is your greatest and most powerful weapon in the struggle to maintain your marriage. Prayer is a powerful tool that can help you restore your marriage. If so, then pray for your mate. Do you want to see wonderful in your marriage?

If you do, then pray for your marriage. If your mate or your marriage is to be rescued from the kingdom of darkness you must continually fight this battle in prayer. Jesus has given you authority over all the supernatural power of the enemy. Your authority is not based on your power or ability, but on the powerful name of Jesus.

Hold your marriage up to God in prayer and ask the Father to heal your marriage, bring reconciliation and restore your love. Never give up! Remember, God works according to his timing and not ours. You must simply do your part and leave the rest to Him. Remember also to pray for yourself, that you may find the strength and courage for the path you are on today. Most marriages encounter problems and conflicts sooner or later. Some marital problems and conflicts can be anticipated and avoided.

Others cannot be foreseen and must be dealt with and resolved as they come. This takes the effort of both partners. Marital problems are complex and there are no easy answers or quick solutions for most. If they have been occurring over a long period of time, the relationship may be at a point of crisis.

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A marriage in crisis is very painful to go through, but that does not mean the relationship should be ended. In fact when problems and conflicts are worked through, they can strengthen the love in a relationship and provide an opportunity for a couple to grow and learn, and move to a higher level of mutual satisfaction in their marriage.

Recognizing the need to deal with problems and conflict can help restore your marriage as you go through them together. Relationship struggles often reveal there are some things we have not understood about our partner and vice versa. These things often reflect a stock pile of unmet needs that have occurred. They may even indicate areas of neglect, misunderstanding and differences. We begin to see there is work to be done in the relationship. In unhappy relationships, the root cause of unhappiness is a lack of unconditional love and acceptance.

Controlling, demanding and unrealistic expectations are just symptoms of that cause. When we stop seeing marriage as an obligation for our partner to fill our expectations and instead see it as an opportunity to learn to truly Healing marriage after separation our spouse for who he or she is, we take a major step in seeing our marriages become happy and fulfilling. In his marriage research laboratory at the University of Washington, psychologist John Gottman has been studying married couples for more than twenty years.

He has found that the most destructive characteristics in a relationship, what he calls the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, 1 criticism, 2 contempt, 3 defensiveness and 4 stonewalling. The first two traits suggest that one partner has a lot of trouble accepting the other one; the second two are typical reactions of not feeling accepted. The importance of acceptance has also been documented by other researchers who have found that an inability to accept differences is a leading predictor of failure in marriage.

In short, these factors can be a detriment to your attempt to restore your marriage. Does acceptance mean you consider the other person Healing marriage after separation be perfect? Of course not. It does not mean that you think their personality is without flaw or that everything they do is perfectly okay with you.

Acceptance is not the same as agreement.

Healing marriage after separation

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Why and How to Pursue a Healing Separation