How to tell if he wants to kiss you

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Reading men can be so difficult because they literally are the most confusing creatures on the planet. What do they mean? What are they thinking? What are their intentions? Nobody freaking knows. Maybe he hugs you a bit longer than usual, stay at the doorway for a little bit longer when saying goodbye or even just stare at you when you talk during a normal conversation.

From high fives to handshakes or bumping hips casually in a crowded room. His eyes will give him away. Following suit with other points, he may try to put his arm around you or non sexually put his hand on your back.

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Clearly he finds you attractive and the anticipation of kissing you is starting to get to him. By the mention or action, it proves he wants to kiss you badly and is interested. Am I crazy for noticing these or have you noticed them too? Better keep those lips moisturized just in case you have a crush.

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13 Not So Obvious s Your Crush Wants To Kiss You