How to tell if you love him

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They mistake infatuation and obsession with true love because they can feel the same sometimes.

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Why would you mix up infatuation with true love? Fears and insecurities can get in the way and cloud your judgment.

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All a relationship really is is just being together, and a long-term relationship is about being together a lot for a very long time. Your texts, snaps, g-chats, e-mails … you save them all and love reading and re-reading it all, and when you do you always get that fluttery feeling inside. What this means is he always puts a smile on your face and lifts your mood. After you get beyond the excitement, chemistry, and electricity How to tell if you love him the beginning, all you have is just spending comfortable time together. We want to know every story, every scar, and every scratch.

This may be because being with him saps your energy. No one can push our buttons like someone we love … just think about your family! The bottom line is, only people we feel very strongly about can get a strong reaction out of us, and only someone we love can make us crazy while still making us want to spend time with him. Love makes you energetic and you just have a renewed sense of joy and purpose in life.

Studies have found that the brains of people falling in love look the same as the brains of people on cocaine!

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This is basically thanks to Dopamine spikes Source. But when you love someone, you see the other person clearly, flaws and all.

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When you love someone, you can be your real self with him. This means you confide in him and lay everything on the table. Since being in love makes things click into place, it will really highlight for you how things clashed before, and it will all become clear.

Not being able to concentrate can cause related issues—you might start blowing off responsibilities like ditching work to spend the day with him, cutting out early, chatting with him all day when you should be working.

There will come a time when things calm down a little, but when you first fall in love, it can be difficult to think about anything but him, and that will make it impossible to concentrate on just about anything else. You file everything he tells you away to a special place so you know his entire story- birthday, favorite color, favorite food, favorite band. When we love someone, we listen, and we remember.

When it comes to the time you spend together, you remember everything: what he said, how he said it, what you both wore, the way he smelled, the weather—literally everything. This is because he fills your senses and intoxicates you, and because you love thinking about him and your time together, over and over How to tell if you love him, making these memories engraved in your brain.

When you love someone, you suddenly have a lot to lose. They say love is giving someone the power to crush you and trusting them not to. You trust him not to, but you wonder what would happen if he left, and it leaves you short of breath. You wonder what would happen if, worse yet, something happened to him.

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You catch yourself daydreaming about trivial events and random objects that make you think of your beloved … anything involving him is endlessly fascinating to you. Your moods are heightened—you feel exhilaration at the thought of him, despair at the thought of losing him.

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You may have loss of appetite, a hard time sleeping, more energy, and even feelings of anxiety and panic. It can feel like an emotional roller coaster, to say the least when you first fall in love. You may also get a little possessive and jealous because you value your time with him so much that you resent his absence and anything that takes him away from you. Your empathy dial has been turned up all the way when it comes to him. You feel what he feels, good and bad. You memorize every scar and freckle on him, and you can look at them all day long.

When you love someone, you love looking at him, too. You can just be. Love is about trusting someone, and that means trusting in his feelings for you. If this article helped you realize that you are truly in love, congratulations! However, there are two really important things you need to be mindful, they are two pivotal moments in any relationship that determines if it will last or not.

At some point, he will start to pull away and may lose interest. If not, you might make one of the major relationship-killing mistakes that many women unknowingly make. The next issue you need How to tell if you love him be away of is at some point, your guy will ask himself: How to tell if you love him this the woman I want to spend my life with?

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Yes, we have a future planned No, he makes it clear we're going with the flow and aren't committed Continue.

How to tell if you love him

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