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When the authorities suggested that two black men whose bodies were found hanging from trees in two Southern California cities had died by suicide, many community activists did not buy it.

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But family members of year-old Malcolm Harschone of the two men, said through a spokesman that after reviewing video footage provided by the police, they were now convinced that he died by suicide. Harsch was found on May 31 in Hung black male, Calif.

Family members of year-old Robert Fuller, the other man whose body was found hanging, are still waiting for the of an investigation into his death, which occurred in Palmdale this month.

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After initially saying there was no of foul play in either case, the local authorities, responding to pleas from community activists, promised full investigations into the deaths of both men, a reaction in part to the protests in California and across the country against police brutality and racism.

The F. Najee Ali, the spokesman for the Harsch family and a community activist Hung black male in Los Angeles who led protests after the deaths of Mr. Fuller and Mr. Harsch, said on Saturday that Mr. A spokeswoman for the department did not respond to a request for a response on Saturday to accusations that it was slow to address the investigation into Mr. Ali said.

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Harsch moved several years ago to California from Ohio, where his children and Hung black male mother live, to pursue a career as a rapper. Activists said they worried that the deaths of Mr. Fuller, Mr. Harsch and at least three other hangings in public places in recent days in Texas and New York City were s of a backlash by white supremacists against the Black Lives Matter movement, prompting others to call for federal investigations.

Their fear: The men had been lynched.

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4th Black person found dead by hanging in U.S., authorities suspect suicide