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In photos from the s you can see the charm of the place. Suntanned teenagers in bathing suits float in a pool, sun reflecting Lake West Virginia hot girls a water slide in the distance. A smattering of heavy, handsome cars are parked in a gravel lot out back, behind a big white building with a long porch crowded with spectators. A Ferris wheel peeks out of the trees. A circle of wooden swings dangle from long chains, the kind of classic ride that is best enjoyed by small children whiling away a long, hot summer afternoon. These photos are in color, but they feel bleaker than those older images somehow.

Weedy vines crawl up the Ferris wheel. Spindly trees stand stark against a gray sky. The chains holding up those mechanical swings are rusted over, the seats cracked and fragile. Lake Shawnee Amusement Park outside Princeton opened inand for 40 years it was a source of entertainment for the families of coal miners in Southern West Virginia.

But Lake Shawnee was also, sadly, plagued by deadly accidents. In an year-old boy drowned in the pool. And then there was the little girl who was riding the swings, flying around and around in circles, when a delivery truck backed into her path. She was killed on impact. Is the park cursed? Could be. It turns out this little plot of land had a grisly history even long before its days as an amusement park. In while Mitchell was out hunting and his family was back working on the farm, a group of Native Americans crept up to the property and shot one of his sons, Bartley, dead.

When Mitchell Clay Lake West Virginia hot girls home to find his children dead, he sought revenge by hunting down and killing several of the Native Americans. And then there are the human remains. Back when Chris and Gaylord were developing the property they started bulldozing around the lake. They stopped when they realized they were turning up what seemed to be Native American artifacts.

He did an archaeological dig and found the bodies of several Native Americans there. In recent years, for obvious reasons, paranormal investigators have become interested in Lake Shawnee. Most often, the paranormal activity reported there comes in the form of mysterious orbs that show up in photos, disembodied voices and Native American chanting, and amusement park rides that move of their own accord.

And Gaylord has had an especially spooky experience, Chris says. But Chris says he gets countless calls every month from people who want to take a look at the property and feels duty bound to try to show it to them.

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Lake West Virginia hot girls

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