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We are so glad you are considering Marshalltown Community College for the next step in your education. Here are some items which will need your attention as you plan for your arrival in Marshalltown. You will then apply for the F-1 student visa with the U.

Prepare for the visa interview by practicing your English, gathering your documents, and thinking about how you will answer questions. Documents to take to the interview are your MCC admission letter, I, Looking for a dinner dateall races Marshalltown of SEVIS fee payment, and evidence you have the money to pay for your first year of school. Questions you will want to be able to answer include why you want to go to MCC, what you are going to study, what your career goal is after you graduate, and what ties to your home country will compel you to return when you finish your studies.

If you are enrolling at MCC for the first time, you are required to participate in an orientation program starting one week before the beginning of classes. You will be notified of the date for orientation when you receive your acceptance letter and I The orientation is deed to introduce you to the campus and surrounding community.

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It includes placement testing; campus and community tours; academic advising; and visits to local businesses for necessities such as purchasing a phone, opening a bankand shopping for supplies. It is extremely important that you arrive in time to attend the orientation. You will complete your application for on-campus housing as part of the application process for MCC.

First-year MCC international students are required to live on campus. It is the best way to meet people, make friends, and know what is happening on the campus. The on-campus apartments have a kitchen and their own bathroom. There is no family housing on campus. Cafeteria meal service is available during the fall and spring semesters, and students living on campus must take a meal plan.

This video teaches international students how to prepare for their arrival in the US, how the US healthcare system works and how students should seek medical care appropriately if they become sick or injured.

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Please visit www. Certification that you have no communicable diseases and a copy of your vaccination record are required as part of the admission process.

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To protect yourself against the high cost of medical care in the U. Comprehensive medical insurance is for treatment by physicians and hospitals as a result of an accident or serious illness. You can either buy the insurance offered through the MCC application website or contact a private agency.

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Health insurance coverage in the U. If you will not be using the plan available through the MCC website, you must show proof of an alternate health insurance policy before you will be admitted. Student billing information is available through a secure PawPassaccessed from the MCC home. Your bill will include tuition, fees, and room and board meal plan.

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You are expected to pay at least one-third of your semester bill by the first day of classes each semester. The remaining balance will be divided into three payments, which will be due at the end of that month and the end of the following two months. Contact Vickie Unferth. Plan A Visit.

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