Marie digby and sam milby dating

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But she will always have a special place in her heart for her Filipino fanbase. With her popularity on YouTube, does she see herself hosting a TV show in the near future? She says she would love to sing in Filipino, but needs to learn the language formally. But everyone here speaks English. So if I really want to learn [Tagalog] I'll have to take lessons. Marie has worked with some Filipino actors on her music and videos. Does she have plans of ing local showbiz? As long as acting doesn't take away from my music, I can see myself in it. When she was 13, a little-known hip-hop group called Portishead inspired her.

I was constantly being made fun of because of the way I looked. I was very awkward. Portishead's Marie digby and sam milby dating, trip hop, downtempo sound was therapeutic and played a crucial role in getting her out of her "awkward" stage. It's hard to believe the tall beauty who hosted the Ms. Earth ant was once awkward! I think she's just so out of the box.

I love that she is very unapologetically unique and totally marches to her own drumbeat. And now for the question everyone wants to ask: What's the real score between her and Sam Milby? Sam and Marie sang the album's carrier single, "Your Love. She explains, "We're good friends, we're very good friends.

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We started out dating last year but it's been over a year since Asked what her favorites are, she oohs and aahs Adobo, pan de sal, ensaymada, buko pandan, chicken inasal She says her favorite food then is still her favorite now. Or from Shangri-La Hotel. Or Diamond Hotel.

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It's like journal-writing to me. I play a couple of chords on the piano and then if I'm lucky, the song will just come together. And the second most popular question everyone wants to ask her: Is she dating basketball player James Yap? She also explains why "I Do," her duet with Jericho Rosales, is her favorite song in her album. Marie gives this advice to people who want to succeed in music:. Whether it's at your church, your school, or at the county fair.

Sing so that other people can hear you. You can't just sing in your bedroom. But if you sing in your bedroom, make sure you post your video on YouTube so the world can find you.

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Marie digby and sam milby dating

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