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Before we commence with the festivities, I wanted to thank everyone for helping my first book become a Wall Street Journal bestseller. To check it out. When you were a kid it was a lot easier. In college you almost had to be trying not to make friends. You get busy with work. Your friends get busy with work. People get married. Have .

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In most people said they had 3 close friends. In the most common was zero. The same survey was given again in This time the most common of friends was zero. And only 37 percent of respondents listed three or more friends. Back inonly 10 percent indicated that they had zero confidants. Inthis skyrocketed to 25 percent. One out of every four of us is walking around with no one to share our lives with.

Friends are important. Nobody would dispute that. But I doubt you know how very important they are. When people are dying, what do they regret the most? Julianne Holt-Lunstad did a meta-analysis of social support and health outcomes and found that not having enough friends or having a weak social circle is the same risk factor as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Maybe your grandparents lived to and you take good care of yourself. But if you want those years to be full of smiles, you need to invest in friendship. Mature search adult friends to the belief that happiness is hard to explain, or that it depends on having great wealth, researchers have identified the core factors in a happy life. The primary components are of friends, closeness of friends, closeness of family, and relationships with co-workers and neighbors. Together these features explain about 70 percent of personal happiness.

The Grant Study at Harvard has followed a group of men for their entire lives. So friendships are really really really important. Maybe you have lots of friends. Guess what? A study by a Dutch sociologist who tracked about a thousand people of all ages found that on average, we lose half of our close network members every Mature search adult friends years.

To learn more about the science of a successful life, check out my bestselling book here. So what do we do? No, going back to college is not the answer. How do we make new friends as adults? Instead, reconnect with old friends :. These findings suggest that dormant relationships — often overlooked or underutilized — can be a valuable source of knowledge and social capital.

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Go to Facebook or LinkedIn for ideas and then send some texts. You already have more friends. You probably met a disproportionate of your friends Mature search adult friends just a handful of people. Rekindle those relationships. Next time you get together, see if that new person can come along. To learn how to deal with a narcissist. But maybe this feels a little awkward. Maybe your friendship muscles have atrophied. Clicking with people is a lot less about you and a lot more about focusing on them.

Be interested. And what are the best ways to do that? Studies show being likable can be as easy as listening to people and asking them to tell you more. And mountains of research show similarity is critical. So when they mention something you have in common, point it out. Finally, celebrate the positive. When someone talks about the good things in their life, be enthusiastic and encouraging. To learn more about how to be someone people love to talk to. But how do you get close to these new people?

Open up a bit. Nobody becomes besties by only discussing the weather. Close friends are what le to personal discussions. But personal discussions are also what le to close friends. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable helps the other person to trust you, precisely because you are putting yourself at emotional, psychological, or physical risk. Other people tend to react by being more open and vulnerable themselves. The fact that both of you are letting down your guard helps to lay the groundwork for a faster, closer personal connection.

And this le to good friendships:. They had less conflict with the friend and less frustration with the relationship. To learn the lazy way to an awesome life. First and foremost: make the time. Time commitments. Daniel Hruschka reviewed studies on the causes of conflict in friendship and found that the most common friendship fights boil down to time commitments.

Spending time with someone Mature search adult friends a sure indicator that you value him; no one likes to feel undervalued. You need to keep in touch. Remember: not keeping in touch is how you got into this problem in the first place.

If you want to Mature search adult friends close friends with someone, how often do you need to check in? Research says at least every two weeks. To learn the four rituals neuroscience says will make you happy. So even if you need to set a reminder on your calendar, check in every two weeks.

Denmark has the happiest people in the world. Why are Danes so happy? He has concluded that Denmark is home to the happiest people in the world, with Switzerland close behind… Interestingly enough, one of the more detailed points of the research found that 92 percent of the people in Denmark are members of some sort of group, ranging from sports to cultural interests.

To avoid loneliness, we must seek active social lives, maintain friendships, and enjoy stable relationships. Start one. A weekly lunch. A monthly sewing circle. A quarterly movie night. Whatever works.

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And who does everyone have to thank for this? And make the effort to keep that group solid for everyone. Many studies show older people are happier. They prune the jerks out of their social circles:. Other studies have discovered that as people age, they seek out situations that will lift their moods — for instance, Mature search adult friends social circles of friends or acquaintances who might bring them down.

To learn the 6 rituals ancient wisdom says will make you happy. What does Carlin Floraauthor of Friendfluencesay is the one tip for keeping friendships alive? Reach out to your good friends and tell them how much they mean to you. Be more giving to the friends you already have. We need to cherish our friendships more.

Mature search adult friends

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This Is How To Make Friends As An Adult: 5 Secrets Backed By Research