Medical abortion after 7 months

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There are about 1. Most take place during the first trimester of pregnancy. About 8 percent occur between the 13th and 27th weeks of gestational age, or during the second trimester. About 1. In other words, childbirth has already occurred. Most people having a later-term abortion undergo surgical abortion.

The first step is to soften and dilate the cervix. Your doctor will use a speculum to widen your vaginal opening. This allows them to clean your cervix and apply a local anesthetic. Afterward, your doctor will insert a dilating stick osmotic dilator called laminaria into your cervix.

This stick absorbs moisture and opens the cervix, as it swells. Alternatively, your doctor can use another type of dilating stick called Dilapan, which can be inserted the same day as the surgery. Your doctor may also choose to give you a drug called misoprostol Arthrotecwhich can help prepare the cervix. Your doctor will then remove the dilating stick and scrape the uterus with a sharp-tip instrument called a curette. Vacuum suction and other surgical instruments will be used to extract the fetus and placenta.

Ultrasound guidance Medical abortion after 7 months be used during the procedure. Circumstances under which later-term abortions are permitted vary from state to state.

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Currently, 43 states prohibit at least some abortions after a certain point in a pregnancy. Of the 24 states that ban abortion at or after a specific week of gestational age, 17 of these states ban abortion at approximately 20 weeks post-fertilization. Having the procedure done in a hospital may be more expensive than having it done in a clinic. Some health insurance policies cover abortion in full or in part. Many do not.

During this time, you may have some cramping and spotting. Be sure to take all of it exactly as prescribed to help prevent infection. For pain, you can take acetaminophen Tylenol or ibuprofen Advil as directed, but ask your doctor first. You might feel just fine the next day or you may need a day off before returning to work or school. Medical abortion after 7 months heavy exercise for one week, as it can increase bleeding or cramping.

Recovery time can vary ificantly from person to person, so listen to your body. Your body will begin preparing for ovulation immediately. You can expect your first menstrual period within four to eight weeks after the procedure. Your cycle may return to normal right away.

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For some people, periods are irregular and lighter or heavier they were before. It may be several months before they return to normal. This will help prevent infection and allow you to heal. If you use a cervical cap or diaphragmyou must wait about six weeks for your cervix to return to its normal size. They should allow plenty of time for questions so you completely understand the procedure and what to expect.

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Your doctor should be willing to provide you with information on all your options. Emotional reactions to pregnancy and having to end a pregnancy are different for everybody. Sadness, depression, sense of loss, or feelings of relief are some common initial reactions after ending a pregnancy. Some of this may be due to the hormonal fluctuations involved. If you have persistent sadness or depression, see your doctor as soon as possible.

You may find that a solid support system helps with recovery. Ask your gynecologist, general practitioner, clinic, or hospital to refer you to a mental health counselor or appropriate support group. Excess stress is a common problem for many people. Learn effective ways to relieve stress and anxiety with these 16 simple tips. People seek help from Medical abortion after 7 months psychologists for many different challenges.

Find out more about these issues, from death to stress to family and…. Depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain, while complicated grief is caused by the death of someone close to you. Find out more.

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Depression can be debilitating for those that experience it. But there are many effective treatments available that can help you manage your symptoms. Later-Term Abortion: What to Expect. Medically reviewed by Stacy Sampson, D. How the procedure is done. Who is eligible for the procedure? Cost, safety, and effectiveness. How to prepare for the procedure. What to expect after the procedure.

Risks and complications.

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Talk to your doctor. Where to find support. Read this next. When to Consult a Psychologist. Medically reviewed by Timothy J. Legg, Ph. Complicated Grief vs.

Medical abortion after 7 months

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