Men 50 and over

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This article is reprinted by permission from NextAvenue. A funny thing happens to most of us aging guys once we find ourselves near the south of We start to look it. Our ears enlarge. Our bellies protrude.

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Our nose hairs multiply. Take heart. Here are 14 tips to look sharp after Change your hairstyle. Most older men who still have their hair have been getting the same haircut for decades. Same length. Same part. Same style. Most men who dye their hair do it so poorly, they actually make themselves look older instead of younger, she says. Trim those nose, ear and wild eyebrow hairs. Regularly trimming those hairs with a specialty trimmer can also trim years off your looks, says Schneider. Invest in quality skin care products.

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Many men over 50 are seeing age spots and even dealing with skin cancer. Finding and using top quality skin conditioners and moisturizers can add life to your skin and slow the aging process, says Antonio Centeno, founder of the website Real Men Real Style. The soap you use for your face should be specifically deed to gently wash and moisturize, and different than what you used in the shower, he adds. Keep those pearly whites shining. Few things al aging more than discolored teeth and sour breath. Grow a stylish beard. Short beards that are very neatly trimmed can be more a of youth than a of age, says Schneider.

Bag the baggy jeans. Jeans with more fit — and more fashion — can immediately help you look younger, she says. Purchase quality clothing. Wearing quality clothing that is fashionable sends a message of youthful authority, says Centeno. Buy one very expensive suit.

Consider getting a color analysis. Generally speaking, red is a color that makes most men look younger. Surprisingly, purple tends to be a good color for most guys, too, says Davis. Dump the metal-frame glasses. But wearing gold- or silver frame glasses will immediately make most guys look older than they are, says Davis.

She suggests getting fashion glasses — ideally with a serious splash of color — Men 50 and over shave Men 50 and over off your looks. Watch those watches. Standard gold and silver watches instantly make you look older, says Davis. As he adds, wearing an Apple watch can make you look younger because the technology screams of youth. Dump the Velcro sneakers.

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He suggests mixing things up with brown, black or even colorful sneakers. If your socks show, make sure they have a burst of color. Consider a tattoo. Few things al youth faster than strategically placed tattoos. Bruce Horovitz is a national freelance writer and media training consultant.

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Next Avenue Men over clean up your act with these style and grooming tips Published: April 16, at a. ET By Bruce Horovitz. SEKEY Here are 14 tips to look sharp after Good grooming Change your hairstyle. Get ready for the demise of more marriages. I want to pay off our year mortgage before we retire. She says no.

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Men 50 and over

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