Most unique restaurants in orange county

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Orange County is an often underrated mecca of delicious flavors for your tastebuds. From red patty buns to gelato with faces, the OC has a creatively tasty food scene. To consolidate the many restaurants of the many cities in Orange County to just 50 was very difficult. However, this is the best we can do to give you some of the best, diverse spots around in this tasty section of Southern California in no particular order mind you. Because this restaurant allows you to eat the best Mexican seafood next to the ocean. Talk about aesthetic — this establishment shines its light on the patrons with their dynamic dishes, along with literally the sunlight reflecting on the ocean.

Agora Churrascaria is nothing to skip over as you attempt to find yourself a nice Brazilian barbecue restaurant in the OC. This buffet-style spot has a wide variety of meats, salad fixings, and other items that will make you salivate from the smell that hits Most unique restaurants in orange county when you enter. Like, have you ever tasted of a bacon-wrapped filet mignon? That is next level, without a doubt. What more could you want? Okay, how about eating a steak with a piano player busting out fancy tunes in the background while you look and appreciate the rustic, authentic decor of the restaurant around you?

This place is one of the few genuine French restaurants that serves classic French foods like escargot and foie gras with a modern twists to them. Fresh beignets, steaming bowls of gumbo soup, hearty servings of jambalaya, southern fried chicken and waffles, and a plethora of seafood bring all the heavenly flavors of New Orleans right to you. Is all-you-can-eat your way of life? Are you a sushi enthusiast? Then Sushi4u is where you want to be. In the midst of a distant strip mall in La Habra, you hear lively music and people chattering enthusiastically. Delivered from over 60 farms, these oysters are guaranteed fresh and therefore tasty.

The ambiance is also very nice at this establishment, giving you the feeling of being on vacation at one of those seaside bars. The best part is that their portions Most unique restaurants in orange county known to be very generous, which is a total plus. For all my veggies lover out thereVegan Nirvana will put you at peace in one of the best food comas of your life.

Some say that this is the best plant-based food restaurant out there, and meat eaters like myself alike even apprecitate the appetizing grub they offer. Rasoi Curry Point serves classic Indian dishes, such as the chicken tikka masala and my personal favorite fluffly naan bread along with more eccentric, spicier curries.

They also have an all-you-can-eat option so there is no shame in dropping a few extra dollar bills to fully enjoy an unlimited supply of this yummy food. For all my alcohol lovers out there that are just looking for some good vibes, good food, and good amounts of booze, Wursthaus is definitely the place you should visit. Known as a popular gastropub in the downtown Santa Ana area, this place offers Belgian fries, drunken fries, and mouthwatering, gourmet sausages. Just saying.

This list would not make sense without a restaurant dedicating itself to make the best poutine out there. The Kroft brings out the pig in all of us by doing just that. This establishment also makes their meals with ingredients that follow the phrase FLOSS — fresh, local, organic, sustainable, and seasonal. Poutine fries, cheese curds, and meats of all kinds are only the few things you will drool over at this place. The chefs are literally five inches away from your face, making your meal while simultaneously entertaining the you. The chefs form onion ring volcanos, toss zucchini into your mouth, perform egg tricks, and display other antics to keep you delighted.

Created in the name of culture mixing, this establishment has a large array of plates that combine two countries together to Most unique restaurants in orange county one mouthwatering entity. Items like the OG bibimbap and spicy rice balls are available to keep the true nature and cultural foods of Korea, as well as the American-influenced Kalbi burgers. What more in the world could you ever want than a house dedicating itself to produce the best waffles in all of OC?

This is what the Waffle Affair is about. Not only are their waffles made from scratch and baked to order, but the ingredients are incorporated into the waffle itself to prevent you from missing even one bit of the tasty goodness. Chocolate chip, maple bacon glazed, banana and nutella are only a few of the different varieties.

Seriously, if you like waffles even a tiny bit, this place is a must. Slapfish accommodates for those tighter budgets by turning fish dishes into a fast food sandwich empire, serving the freshest of fish in between crispy buns for a fair price. Let me ask you, then, have you ever tried a burger with red buns? GD Bro Burger strives to think of unconventional ways to construct a hamburger in between their ature bright red buns.

Mozzarella sticks and pico de gallo may not be your traditional burger toppings, but these imaginative masters do not give a flying fadoodle about conventional rules. Made from the marriage of two Orange County food trucks, Burntzilla is an establishment that puts any other sliders mini burgers between some Hawaiian buns or any other zillas mini hot dogs between some Hawaiian buns to rest. A Korean restaurant with mostly soups? Tang keeps it simple, Most unique restaurants in orange county short rib soup, potato soup, and complimentary side dishes.

Of course, they serve bibimbap and a few other non-soup items to please the rice lovers.

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Everything here is jam-packed with flavors. Think about sea urchin uni spaghetti and salmon spring rolls. The Pizza Press, located near Disneyland in Anaheim, is typically full of customers that want to try out these unique, delicious pies. This spot follows a playful newspaper theme, naming some of their pies after prominent papers.

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Rumor is that these pizzas are so good people order more than one for themselves. It goes without saying that a good barbeque place needs to have quality service and quality food. Anjin nails this with its appetizing Japanese barbeque. Although it is not all-you-can-eat and you have to order every once in awhile, this does not change anything about the experience. People praise everything about the food for its quality. Like one can infer from the name, The Playground is a place where you just have fun with your food. How, you ask?

This restaurant makes great effort to change its menu every single day. Break of Dawn is a restaurant like no other. While a seemingly regular brunch place, the story behind the restaurant is so much more than just that. Be warned, this tale may be a tear jerker.

And you might just cry because the food is that good. The Black Most unique restaurants in orange county delivers on a perfect foodie experience with quality food that matches the beautiful decor. The menu is split into Earth, Land, Sea, and Green, a unique way to display the many tapas and small plates they have to offer. Located in Garden Grove, it may surprise some that a barbecue restaurant is highly-acclaimed amongst many great Vietnamese and Korean places around here. Do not let the location fool you, for The Smoking Ribs are some of the most tender, flavorful ribs in town.

You suddenly remember reading this article and its talk of the wildly popular Seaside Bakery. This small Most unique restaurants in orange county right on the oceanside of Newport Beach is open 24 hours. They have a crazy assortments of items on their menu, giving customers the ability to choose between gelato, Italian ice, waffles and cream, gelatoroons, shaved ice, and ice cream. The poke craze seems to be the hitting foodie scene with high mileage as many people search for some of the best poke in their region. Poke Dot would be one of those places. Serving a wide variety of fresh fish and vegetables, this establishment will have your palette in a rush with its salty and sweet flavors.

Mil Jugos, being the first ever Venezuelan restaurant in downtown Santa Ana, has picked up speed with a lot of advocates for their mouthwatering foods straight out of their home country, like cachapas and arepas. Acai bowls are not only trendy AF, but offer a healthy yet tasty option for any meal.

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Banzai Bowls delivers some of the best bowls in the market, featuring dreamy names like Maui Sunrise and Sharks Cove that go along with an aesthetically pleasing bowl of fruity goodness. Delicious pitaya bowls and refreshing smoothies are served as well.

Piadina is an Italian word referencing a type of flatbread. This restaurant provides you the best of Italy, all served in a convenient pocket of yum. Serving fresh and traditional sandwiches, sal, and even gelato, this is the place to go to get the best, inexpensive Italian food. First things Most unique restaurants in orange county, we can all agree that whoever created the name of this restaurant was a baller. The real focus here is on the food, and the food they serve is simply awesome. Creating excellent fusion foods with Asian and Mexican influences, this restaurant dons a simple menu that delivers on a whole different level, serving yummy bowls and burritos for the people.

If you ever want your tummy satisfied with some of the best custard and ice cream ever, Joe has you covered. You can get a wild array of flavors that are posted on their Facebook and Instagram every day. His vibrant attitude makes the experience that much better. Ramen is one of those foods that really never gets old. Yoshiharu Ramen embodies the principles of quick and quality service, serving their noodles fast to eager and hungry patrons.

All your favorite traditional ramens are here, like the spicy miso ramen and shoyu ramen. In a region very close to Disneyland, this mini shop brings in a large of customers during the weekends who want to get their hands on these infamous donuts. Just let the first bite of glaze and sugar dissolve into your mouth. Your taste buds will be glad. You may be looking at this picture and wonder what the heck have you stumbled upon. These, my friends, are Pokemon macarons.

Hurry over, because after they open at 12 pm, they close once they sell out. The hype for this small store is real. Ever heard of a milky bun? You know, kind of like a donut with Most unique restaurants in orange county cream in it? Admittedly, I think stuffed animals are pretty awesome. Now imagine having stuffed animals that are edible and tasty. A bittersweet moment, but mostly sweet. Eiswelt Gelato provides such an experience with gelato that have adorable little faces on them and the cones are shaped in an unique fashion.

Ice cream sandwiches, shaved ice, and drinks that come in cute little monster drink jars are the many things Snow Monster offers to its patrons. Bonus points, Snow Monster gets next-level with their board games so you can play some Jenga or cards whilst indulging. Alright, get this: this establishment is literally inside a gas station. Kech Cafe prides itself in serving Mediterranean food to hungry customers who might like a side of food with their order of gasoline. Everything with pesto in it is a must, like the chicken pesto sandwich or the garlic chicken pesto pizza. It attracts customer to its hip shop with a simple chalkboard in the restaurant boasting all of their tasty eats.

Most unique restaurants in orange county

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