Quilts made from old t shirts

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By: Andrea Funk on October 1st, There are a 's and 's of T-shirt quilt makers. How Quilts made from old t shirts you find one that will make you an awesome quilt from your T-shirts? Begin by looking at a lot of photographs of T-shirt quilts. Compare the different quilts by looking at a few key details in the de of the quilt, the construction of the quilt top, the quilting and how the quilt is bound. You can read the sections in order or jump to the section you are most interested in learning about. If you are not an artist, or don't have a lot of experience with quilts, you might not know the difference between a well-deed T-shirt quilt and one that is not so well deed.

Here are three de elements to look for when judging the de of a T-shirt quilt:. A T-shirt quilt needs to be interesting to keep you interested in looking at it. There are no rows and no columns.

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Your brain does not know the pattern and has to spend more time to figure it out. about this here. The quilt on the left is set up in rows and columns. There is not much to keep your attention. Unless all the T-shirts in the quilt are the same color, the different blocks of color will need to be balanced throughout the quilt. This takes a good eye and experience. One way to check for this balance is to squint at a photo of the quilt.

An unbalanced quilt will have blobs of color.

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This said, some groupings of T-shirts are more successfully balanced than others. Look at a of quilts by one maker to determine the over all success of their ability to balance colors. The action in an image can draw your eye one way or the other. Look at this Mickey Mouse T-shirt block. Mickey is looking right and his body is angled right. When you look at this image, your eyes will look at what Mickey is looking at. Your eyes will follow his eyes. So your eyes will track to the right. If this image is placed on the right side of the quilt, as it is here, your eyes will track right off the edge of the quilt.

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If you place the block of Mickey on the left side of the quilt, your eyes will still track to the right. And when you look right, you will still be looking at the quilt. Understanding this and applying it to the placement of the blocks is very important. The example of Mickey is an easy one to figure out. Every T-shirt needs to be studied to see what direction the image directs the eye.

Even letters and s direct your eyes. If you are not a quilter, you might not know the difference between a well made T-shirt quilt and one that is not so well made. Here are three things to look for in the construction of the quilt top:. The photo on the left shows 4 corners coming together perfectly. This is what you should be looking for in a T-shirt quilt. Sewing 4 corners together correctly is not that difficult. The photo on the right shows that same seam not sewn well. This should have been taken out and put in again to make it right. The photo on the left shows what a smooth seam looks like.

The fabric lies smooth on both sides of the seam and there are not any tucks or puckers. We take time to look at our work to ensure that it is sewn correctly before we complete the quilt. The photo on the right shows that same seam with a pucker. A pucker like this should have been removed and sewn again. If you see a pucker in a seam, the quilter did not take time to put the seam in right and then did not proof her work to catch easily correctable issues like this. Seeing a hole in a seam in a photo can be difficult because it might look like the seam is complete, but when the seam is moved, the hole will appear.

A hole can be the result of a seam that was not sewn all the way, but more likely it is a result of the two pieces of fabric not being sewn evenly. This happens when the bottom piece of material is not caught in the seam allowance. The photo on the left shows a seam with a hole it in.

The photo on the right shows the backside of the seam and you see that one piece of material was not caught in the seam. If one block in a seam is not caught, you will see the hole. But it is also a clue to poor sewing skills.

Because if one block is not caught, there will probably be Quilts made from old t shirts that are just caught. It looks OK on the front of the quilt, but it will jeopardize the life of the quilt. This just caught seam will eventually pull open. The result? Another hole. When you are looking for someone to make a quilt from your T-shirts, ask to see a quilt they have made or photographs of a of quilts they have made. Look for four corners to match, look for seams to lie flat without puckers and watch for holes.

Here is more about how to judge a quilt from a photograph. If you are not a quilter, you may not know to look at the quilting on a T-shirt quilt, let alone what to look for in that quilting. Here are things to look for in the quilting on a T-shirt quilt. You can tell if a quilt has quilting on it from both the front and the back of the quilt. Of the two quilts below, the one on the right is fully quilted. They look like they have texture. The one on the left is Quilts made from old t shirts quilted at all. It is actually a blanket.

On the face of the blanket, the T-shirt blocks look flat and smooth. In the photograph below, the quilt on the right is the quilted quilt. You can see the quilting. The thread color contrasts with the backing material and emphasizes the stitching. The blanket on the left is not quilted. On the back the backing material is flat. There is nothing holding the back to Quilts made from old t shirts face of this blanket. Over time, the front of the quilt will droop and stretch out. The longevity of a quilt or blanket without quilting is much shorter than a quilt that is fully quilted.

Some quilts are quilted, but the spacing of the quilting is too far apart. Most quality batting should have quilting that is no more than 4" apart. This means that if there is any 4" x 4" area not quilted, the quilting is too spread apart. The photo on the left shows a quilt that is well quilted. The quilting is spaced well and covers the entire quilt.

Quilts made from old t shirts

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How to Make College Quilts from Old T-Shirts