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I grew up in a family where race was never discussed in-depth. Of course, we all knew that we were Black and we all agreed that racism was a thing. But, we made sure to blend as best as we could into the predominantly white society of western Canada. At times, I remember hating my Blackness and I remember letting it hold me back from loving myself.

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As I grew older, I began to grow into it and to appreciate my unique beauty as a Black woman. A study by R. Kelly Raley, Megan M. Sweeney, and Danielle Wondra compared the marriage patterns of Black, white, and Hispanic American women. They discovered that Black women married later in life than both age groups and were overall less likely to ever marry. The researchers believe this finding pertains to the idea that Blackness is still associated with economic disadvantage. Economic factors hugely impact marriage and Seeking black female stability, so the rate of marriage in Black communities has fallen and a racial marriage gap has emerged.

What can Black women learn from this study?

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One, do not determine your worth and value based on whether you are attached to a man. A man or woman should add to your life and bring joy, wealth, and more. But, you are whole on your own and you always will be.

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Lastly, Black women must understand that we enter the dating game with a real disadvantage. For numerous reasons, the marriages we enter are far more likely to fail than those of our white, Asian, and Hispanic counterparts.

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This means that we need to choose our life partners extremely wisely. Black women are not any cattier or pettier than other races of women. Black women have become the face of Black activism. When you think of Black Lives Matter, more than likely an image of a Black woman holding up a comes to mind.

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However, few Seeking black female are willing to talk about the mental side effects of dedicating your life Seeking black female fighting social injustice. Instead of allowing yourself to get caught up in the movement of Black Lives Matter and the injustices committed against Black women on a regular basis, focus on acting in concrete ways that will truly impact the community.

For example, supporting Black female business owners and companies that uplift and promote the Black female image. Support images in the media that present Black women as valuable, and worthy of protection and respectful treatment. Buy from Black-woman owned companies, stream the music of dark-skinned Black women in the entertainment industry. Make sure that you are consistently supporting your own. A post shared by Sorella Magazine sorellamagazine.

From our high rates of death during childbirth to the rates of domestic violence in the Black community and the low pay that Black women receive compared to our white, male counterparts—the world is truly not the most accommodating place for Black women.

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Ever noticed the way people treat strong things? This is because people expect strong, durable things to Seeking black female large amounts of pain and remain OK. You get to Seeking black female beautiful. Be proud of your plump lips and your shapely figure. Black women are struggling with obesity. Go for screenings and mammograms every year. Maintain a healthy diet and implement regular exercise into your daily routine. Not only will your body thank you, but your mind will too. In fact, imposter syndrome is more commonly found in women, Black people, and other non-white racial groups.

As a collective of Black women, we need to begin to feel deserving of and to demand better and more regular promotion of our beauty and worth and value as women in the media. We need dozens and dozens more. Being a Black woman can be tough. As a result, we need to be extra smart and discerning about whom we welcome into our lives and the way that we speak to and treat ourselves.

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We need to value ourselves in everything we do, so that we can be our best, happiest, and healthiest versions of ourselves. Healthy Living. May 31, View this post on Instagram. Log In Good to see you again.

Seeking black female

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