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In November of the name was changed to Shay Motors. The original name embodied the initial goal of the company, to reproduce some of the early model Fords for acquisition in modern times.

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However, as time progressed and the company grew so did their focus and their goals. Other Ford nameplates were added to the list of potential vehicles to be reproduced, sadly their dreams were only partly realized. Suggested vehicles Specification comparison Related news.

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In Harry J. A deal was struck between Ford and Shay that allowed Shay to reproduce the Model A of the early 's. Shay was given the opportunity to recreate a name-plate while Ford reaped the benefits of publicity, marketing, and hype. At least one car was to make their way into the Ford dealership throughout the United States with the intent of stimulating sales.

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The cars received national attention from TV stations, magazines, journals, and other publications. Produced in limited and sold through Ford dealerships, the vehicles were backed by a Ford Motor Company warranty. Ford provided the platform and Shay manufactured the cars. With an intended production level of 10, the Model A Replica was able to avoid some of the strict U.

Federal standards and regulations. Shay motors model a did not have to be burdened with the modern de and safety restrictions, such as windshield defrosting, reflectors, side door intrusion, and more. The result was a de that was true to its heritage but lacked modern amenities and safety features.

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There were to be various special series models of the A that would be produced in very low quantities such as a pick-up truck, College Classic, Golden Oldie, Polar Bear, and a panel truck. It was intended that the majority of body-styles to be built would be Standard Roters but when production began, the Super Deluxe proved to be the most popular with the buyers.

On July 6,Shay Motors filed for liquidation of its assets. By April ofCamelot Motors Inc. Shay: Similar Automakers Shay Models. Engine Specs. Dimension Specs.

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Shay Model A