Signs he is not in love with you

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Even though the words may not have been spoken, chances are the heart is more than aware that they are not loved by their partner.

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You love your man, and may have had hopes that things would get better, or that his change in behavior towards you was just a phase. However, continued displays of unloving behavior is indicative that the love is gone.

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Denial ultimately does you no good, as it only offers a temporary state of make believe. People fall out of love, it happens. The important thing for you to recognize is his overall change in attitude and behavior towards you. One of the first s that you will notice when your partner is falling out of love with you, is their tolerance level when it comes to you. You have always been indecisive about what movie to watch or where to eat, but unlike how they used to react your inability to make decisions, your partner now becomes clearly annoyed and angry with you.

Everything you do is annoying. You take too long to get ready, you breathe too loud, and even the way you dress or eat. They find fault with you because they are not in love, and they are emotionally done with the relationship.

If your man has become insensitive or dismissive of your feelings, he is not in love with you anymore.

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You may find some inconsistencies in his behavior with this. He may reveal his true feelings by being cruel or insensitive, but then feel guilty about his behavior, and then will try to be nice or sweet again. His sweet behavior will not last because his feelings are gone. His inconsistent behavior will give you emotional whiplash, but the hot and cold behavior is due to him feeling guilty about not loving you anymore.

You may notice that the way your man speaks to you has changed.

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His words and his tone are often rude and disrespectful. You will also find that he takes forever to respond to your calls or texts, if he responds at all. Your man has gone from barely being able to keep his hands off you, to rarely touching you or initiating sex. When you do have sex, he seems to be going through the motions, or treating it like a chore, but he is not emotionally present. This can be a little tricky because some men will still have sex with you even if they have a woman on the side, or are planning on leaving you. If you are trying to determine whether or not he is no longer in love with you, it comes down to the changes in your relationship.

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How were things in the beginning, and how are they now? What are your thoughts on the s? Do you call it quits or stick it out hoping things will get better? Please share your thoughts and experience!

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Signs he is not in love with you

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