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To add to the growth of SikhSangat. Rooms will be setup based around the forums on SikhSangat, where users can discuss topics related to that room, whether its general talk or gurbani vichaar, or politics, or discuss current events. We will try to expand on the chat module. This chat will be FULLY moderated and there will be 0 tolerance for any non-sense talk, this not only includes profanity, but indirect gestures or taunts.

This feature will be available for a short period of time per day as we don't want it to take away from discussing on the forum. You can use your forum IDs. Thank you. Please post the screenshot attachments of any abuse, profanity, etc. Anyone discussing topics that are banned on the forum keski, raagmala, etc. No offence intended but, why are all the important topics forbidden. Such as This is meant to be a Sikh Discussion site right? To me this site seems well one sided I just wanted to know why the site is like this Sardar Dholi. Music and culture doesn't come Sikh chat rooms "Not allowed" category.

If our visitors Sikh chat rooms looking for encouragement in drinking alcohol, eating meat then they are looking at the wrong place. SikhSangat doesn't allow such type of encouragement of living such lifestyle.

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Regarding cultural issues as of Music. To know the working style of sikhsangat, one should read the following thread before raising hell :umm:.

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By Kau89r8 Started 21 hours ago. By SikhSeeker Started July 8. By Guest Gupt87 Started August 25, Terms of Use. Sikhsangat Chat Room. Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Sewadar Posted June 22, Posted June 22, Vaheguru ji ka khalsa, Vaheguru ji ki fateh! So drop by and say fateh! SS Team Vaheguru ji ka khalsa, Vaheguru ji ki fateh!

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Link to post Share on other sites. Guest chatmod Posted June 29, Posted June 29, Guest chatmod Posted July 1, Posted July 1, People can also report screenshots under this thread. SardarDholi 2 Posted July 1, S1ngh 1, Posted July 1, This topic is now closed to further replies. Followers 0. Go to Sikh chat rooms listing. Western Media on Kashmir Sikh girl. Desi Dawaiye medicine. Can Amritdhari Sikhs leave their head naked at home? Earth's Magnetic field reversal.

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This is why I avoid suls at all costs. They are always capable of this stuff. Sikhs need to fight back like we did in and show them that we mean business. Ok, but how do you clean teeth on daily basis?

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Sikh chat rooms are encouraged to air dry hair this is referred to as 'hare karna' it is basically giving your follicles a breather. Manmeet was and that guy had a wife and childthen he divorces wife and starts after manmeet because she lived in the neighbourhoodbut if she was so enamoured of him why did she keep attending gurdwara and school and performed Sikh chat rooms learnt kirtan without so much of a single complaint. The massive A who tries to claim so much is a deluded perv ,whereas the girl was not aware of his existence even and had no qualms about letting the charges of kidnapping stay in actionShe also had no problem accepting local counsel of bazurg gursikhs delhi wale were not involved she was married by the time they arrived after voluntarily staying and listening to paat and simran for a couple of hours.

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She said Satbachan to the advise and had no objection to Sikh chat rooms guy who was suggested as he was known in sangat and had genuine feelings towards her. You may remember she and he were holding hands when walking together and he seemed to be shielding her from all other people. I say good luck to her but.

That is one major reason that beti of the granthi at Nankana Sahib ji didn't return home because they kept on at her in the women's shelter that if you return to your mum and Dad the sikhs will be attacked. In fact, that paedo's brother had already incited violence on sangat and the gurdwara by stone pelting.

Then they forced her out of the shelter when she wouldn't go back to the pakis ; there is no honour in them Imran Sikh chat rooms a Chickensht because he didn't want to displease the Talibanis. In Up. Important Information Terms of Use. I accept.

Sikh chat rooms

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