Types of thc

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Of the more than cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, tetrahydrocannabinol THC is the one principally responsible for the psychoactive and intoxicating effects of cannabis consumption. Live cannabis plants contain tetrahydrocannabinolic acid THCAthe non-active version of this compound. This in the effects we associate with consuming THC. It also means that cannabis in its fresh form is not yet active with THC. One of the first things researchers realized in their quest to understand how cannabis affects the body is that cannabis contains several active chemical compounds—over a hundred.

As Types of thc studied cannabinoidsit became clear that these active compounds were interacting with receptors in the body. This left the researchers with an important question: What allows these cannabinoids to interact with these specific receptors? Endocannabinoids are neurotransmitters, meaning they help send nerve impulses to the brain to trigger different effects on the body. Because cannabinoids from cannabis look and act like endocannabinoids from the bodythe brain recognizes them and allows cannabis to affect behavior, mood, coordination, and more.

Speaking of mood, check out our list of top strains that compliment a focused mindset here! Potency refers to the amount of THC in a cannabis product. As a natural product, the THC content in a dried flower cannabis product may vary from product to product and between lots of the same strain. Types of thc necessarily. Other factors can affect the type of high and the intensity you feel. The presence of cannabinoids other than THC can have a large effect on the type of high that you experience. Cannabis concentrates come in a range of product types, forms, and consistencies.

These products may vary in purity or chemical composition i. Many different extraction techniques can result in concentrates displaying a range of potencies, textures, and consistencies. These various forms are often named according to how they were made or their appearance—for example, butane hash oil BHO refers to extracts created using the solvent butane, and shatter describes a concentrate that appears glasslike in texture. A cannabis concentrate can either be full-spectrum, containing a vast array of different compounds, or an isolate, which is a precise formulation of a single ingredient.

These extracts often provide complex combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes in Types of thc natural ratio that the plant produces them. This in robust flavors and nuanced effects.

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A post shared by Hans Colonial Medicine hanscolonial. These solid, stable cannabinoids are isolated, with all other chemical compounds removed.

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Instead of providing the full chemical profile that full-spectrum concentrates express, isolates consolidate specific compounds and offer consumers the highest potency and purity of an individual cannabinoid. Isolate products make dosing more precise, offer a pure base ingredient to use in other cannabis products, and allow consumers to customize which compounds they consume. A post shared by baby j stoned.

Diamonds are faceted, crystalline formations of isolated THCA. When THCA is isolated, the molecules collect and stack together, forming crystals. Most products labeled as diamonds, rocks, stones, and gems refer to isolated THCA that has been formed Types of thc a raw extract, meaning no additional solvents are added to encourage crystallization. Instead, the terpene fraction, the portion of the extract that is rich with terpene oils, acts as a naturally occurring solvent.

Over time, the solid cannabinoid molecules separate from the liquid terpenes and leave Types of thc rigid cannabinoid structures that look similar to quartz. This means the product is nearly an isolated cannabinoid, but still retains a portion of the original terpene profile.

As cannabinoids and terpenes separate from one another, extractors are left with solid cannabinoid compounds and a watery mixture of the aromatic terpenes. Sometimes sauce products are labeled with the acronym HTFSEshort for high-terpene full-spectrum extract. The pursuit of ever more pure forms of THC have entranced man since the first discovery of the shwaggiest of shwags in some ditch somewhere, when Types of thc lucky Neanderthal puffed the magic dragon and opened Pandoras box. From record setting whole flower strains to new and ever evolving ever-isolated forms of THCA, the clearest diamonds known to man… once only rumor.

The more popular cannabis gets the more extreme ganjanauts will get in their ever-persisting pursuit of the dankest of the dank, the sauciest of the sauce, and collectively, the highest of highs. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Table of Contents hide. How does THC work? THC Potency. Marijuana Concentrates. Full-spectrum Extracts vs. Isolates Full-spectrum Extracts.

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Types of thc

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