Viral video competition

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Wishpond makes it easy to create landing s and contests, manage your le and contacts, and automate campaigns. All in one place. Get Started. Video contests are a great way to generate viral growth for your business. They are perfect for getting more:.

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So every person who enters has a massive incentive to share the contest with all of their friends to get them to vote. This video contest from VerveGirl asked beauty vloggers to submit videos of their best beauty tutorials. It gave these vloggers a chance to demonstrate their incredible makeup abilities to a huge audience.

As the videos were of high quality and included serious knowledge, it got more people engaging and sharing. Another thing that added to the success of the contest was that they gave daily prizes out to voters - which gave them a huge reason to come back to vote and share the contest every day. This helped the contest get over 1, participants in just 2 weeks. This contest is great because it was really providing a prize that would help their audience - independant filmmakers - instead of just giving them something that they might only marginally want. This is a great lesson to follow when deciding on your next prize: Make it something that will truly help solve a problem that your audience has.

This Viral video competition entice people far more than cash or unrelated product. This gave Fans the ability to win something priceless: Having a personal conversation with someone whose work they greatly admire. You can do this by asking Fans to submit questions for you that are in your own domain of expertise, such as cooking, home improvement Viral video competition de. This can be done successfully by showcasing your experience, knowledge and accomplishments on the contestalong with a photo of yourself to create a more personal connection with your Fans.

This video contest asked residents of Singapore to submit a video saying why they love the island. You can do this for just about any major or niche holiday or season that your audience is interested in. For example, if you sell kitchenware, you could ask people to submit a Viral video competition of your Fans preparing their family Thanksgiving dinner. This contest actually had a 2-step winner selection system: In the first round, 10 winners were chosen based on public voting, and then one winner from the 10 first-round winners was chosen by the panel of judges.

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You just need to choose something that you or your team are experts in. For example, if you sell sports equipment, you can ask your audience to make a video of themselves performing a safe stunt for your panel of in-house judges. This video contest gets dog owners to submit a video of the thing they love the most: their dog. So this is a great, fun opportunity for people to showcase their dogs, which Viral video competition already love to do, to a much wider audience.

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People love to show off the things they love, be it their pets, kids, cars, motorcycles or even their lunch. To learn more about Wishpond's contests, check out these free courses from Wishpond Academy:. Toggle. Get Started Not today. Growth Hacking Social Media. Kampung Sembawang - Show your love for Singapore This video contest asked residents of Singapore to submit a video saying why they love the island. Conclusion Thanks for reading - I hope you found some inspiration for your next video Viral video competition.

Viral video competition

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