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I've seen a thousand White monkey pill on monkeys and it seems to be the only thing around central fl at White monkey pill time I don't have access to a reagent kit right now so I decided to try just one. I'm big on testing and this is out of character for me to take something without testing it first. I'm going to do my best to write this report during my experience. I took one at PM, currently it has been only twenty minutes empty stomach and I'm not feeling anything yet. I usually prefer molly if its available as the beans around here are almost always crap, not that the molly is as stellar as it once was.

I'm about to hit my vaporizer once or twice. I'm enjoying a movie that I doubt I would even watch if I wasn't buzzing. I'm feeling like I should have taken 2 always feels like that about two hours after you take one but I have things to do in the morning and was hoping to keep this a really mellow and possibly early night.

Its that kind of night. Doing some writing and feeling witty. I eventually fell asleep a couple hours later. This report was open on my computer in the morning. Upon reflection I feel like it was a decent experience. I didn't have any trouble eating or sleeping. I feel a little bit of afterglow the next day.

It wasn't the strongest bean on the stalk but it was alright. I didn't feel anything that I would relate to dirty side effects. Jaw grinding stopped before bed. All in all, I'd give it like a 6 out of a 10 as far as good rolls go, at least it wasn't a full on pipe or meth bomb.

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I would recommend the pill but I would probably take just a little bit more next time. Hopefully I've provided some good information. Not callin u a liar, there might be a very low dose of mdxx in these just to fool the user, but the bastards makin this shit have found many compounds to put in these that mimic the effects of mdma. And that White monkey pill friend is the reason these have flooded Florida, cause in the end people are gonna keep buying them and the pressers are gonna keep profiting. Were fighting a losing battle here guys. It makes me sick to think how bad the scene has declined the last 5 yrs in the US.

Regardless, i still would bet against these being MDxx. Its been over a year since ive taken some And where i live its all crap Not to metion all White monkey pill friends have moved away Ill keep reading if i see something good Im def. Down for it. These are fake.

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Friend dropped one and had no MDMA effects transpire with it. Had a trippy effect with accelerated heart rate, slight visuals. I know taste isn't an indicator, but I scraped some off and the taste was too "artificial", a chalky slightly sweet numbing taste. White monkey pill had many real PFs when they were good in '' Who ever is pressing these, and other Paul Franks, is possibly cutting with Lidocaine or Procaine.

Hope to get one in to ecstacydata shortly. It's more crap going around. Please don't take these or waste your money on them. Pillreports is a global database of Ecstasy" pills based on both subjective user reports and scientific analysis. Pills sold as "Ecstasy" often include other, potentially more dangerous, substances such as methamphetamine, ketamine and PMA. Search Pills. to your .

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Posted by. Date Submitted. These pills are somewhat chalky when broken up, similar to the texture of a pharm Suspected Contents. User Report I've seen a thousand reports on monkeys and it seems to be the only thing around central fl at this time January White monkey pill,am GMT. January 29,pm GMT. Down for it January 30,am GMT. January 30,pm GMT. February 20,am GMT.

We want to make it.

White monkey pill

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