Yorkies for sale in central texas

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It has been brought to my attention that my About Us has been copied and being used on some SCAM sites, for Boxer Puppies and Yorkie Puppies, Please be AWARE of sites that don't have the contacts name and phone pick up the phone and call themlook at the pics there should be more than 1 and look at the backgrounds in the other pics they should all be similar.

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If they only respond by or text and want you to send Western Union, you need to be weary about the whole thing. These Scams are from Asia and there is Nothing we can do about it, except help you learn what to look for.

Thank you and God Bless Vona. We breed and raise the Awesome Yorkshire Terriers. We are located in a small town in Northeast Texas.

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We Specialize in the Exotic Colors! We offer a 1 yr. All of our puppies come Microchipped for our customers.

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All the pictures you see on the website are dogs and puppies that have came from Red River Yorkies!! Please enjoy your look around and if you have any questions please . Thank you, Vona McDougal. We Deliver to the DFW. JULY 17, We Stand Behind Our Puppies. For the safety of your New Puppy. Active Member of:. TxDLR First, let me tell you a little about myself, my family, and my Yorkies.

I live in Red River County. I have two children, Dillon 29 and Sarah Kate I've been involved with animals and agriculture all my life, I grew up and still live on our Trimm family farm. I received an Assoc. Degree in Animal Science and Reg. I have been breeding and raising Yorkshire Terriers for 18 years.

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We vaccinate with NeoTech Vaccines which are the highest tittered canine vaccines for the very best, and earliest protection against Parvo and Distemper. We also Microchip all our puppies for our customers. We provide the Very Best to all our Dogs, Puppies and other animals. We are a small kennel, and we don't always have puppies available. But we do offer a waiting list.

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I have been riding and training horses all my life. My son is currently working in Iraq at this time and my daughter has become my partner in raising the puppies. She has her first Trio of Pugs yes!! Pugs, those are her love breed, so say tune for a few pics of those babies.

I Have 2 Grandsons, "Alex" and "Sam" which are my world. Please call or us with any questions you have. We look very forward in hearing from you. Thank You for visiting. I have lot of Pictures on my wonderful family on the Galleryplease visit that !

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Vona McDougal. Avery, Texas. : RedRiverYorkies yahoo. Message received.

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Hello Yorkie Lovers! Important Information! We NO Longer will be shipping Puppies. Ask For Vona McDougal All Puppies are Registered with A. IAmerica's Pet Registery. Just ASK Me!

Yorkies for sale in central texas

email: [email protected] - phone:(242) 193-1876 x 8176

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