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Omri Ben-Shahar.

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Many of our ebooks are available for purchase from these online vendors:. Many of our ebooks are available through library electronic resources including these platforms:. Perhaps no kind of regulation is more common or less useful than mandated disclosure—requiring one party to a transaction to give the other information. Reading the terms, the form, and the papers is supposed to equip you to choose your purchase, your You wanted to know, and your loan well.

More Than You Wanted to Know surveys the evidence and finds that mandated disclosure rarely works. But how could it? Who re these disclosures? Who understands them? Who uses them to make better choices?

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Omri Ben-Shahar and Carl Schneider put the regulatory problem in human terms. Most people find disclosures complex, obscure, and dull. Most people make choices by stripping information away, not layering it on. Most people find they can safely ignore most disclosures and that they lack the literacy to analyze them anyway. And so many disclosures are mandated that nobody could heed them all. Nor can all this be changed by simpler forms in plainer English, since complex things cannot be made simple by better writing.

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Timely and provocative, More Than You Wanted to Know takes on the form of regulation we encounter daily and asks why we must encounter it at all. Apparently these 'mandated disclosures' are ignored by the vast majority of consumers.

The authors are unrelievedly negative about the efficacy of mandated disclosures. They are right to be.

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Their analysis is clear, comprehensive, and convincing. It is magnificent. Ben-Shahar and Schneider have done a masterful job of setting out their case clearly, plainly, and persuasively. They contend that mandated disclosure is a policy failure that is not easily remedied. Eigen, Northwestern University. The research is prodigious. I am not aware of another treatment of disclosure that crosses disciplinary lines to this extent, and the analysis is all the more worthwhile for it. Ben-Shahar and Schneider show how disclosures have become pervasive in our society yet are largely ignored and misunderstood.

Omri Ben-Shahar and Carl E. Schneider You wanted to know mandated disclosure took over the regulatory landscape—and why it failed. Illus: 4 color illus. Overview Author s Praise 5. Carl E.

You wanted to know

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